What Makes You Happy Essay

What Makes People Happy? Life is Good! – Why Do We Feel so Bad? Can Money Buy Happiness?

For different people happiness means different things. For someone happiness lays in possession of material things, for others happiness is something what you feel when your relatives and your loved ones surround you, when you do something that you like and are good at or when you are successful in something.

There are many reasons for happiness, and every person defines happiness according to his or her standards. Very often people ask themselves the question “Can money buy happiness?” I suppose it is a tricky question. With money people feel themselves powerful, moreover they can do what they want, surround themselves with things they like, travel to different countries, and enjoy everyday life with each possibility which life can bring into one’s life. Although, you cannot buy respect, commitment, loyalty, friendship, and more importantly, love, with money.

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The happiest people in the world are those, who are loved and who do not have to buy love. People can be happy even without money; it is enough for them to have a loved one close. You can buy things, but not happiness or emotions with money. We often feel so bad, because we have not enough money to buy something and want to have things that other people have, we envy them and try to gain the same status. For someone it is enough to have a house and a family, others want to have their companies and control their subordinates, and some people want to rule the world. They think that everything can be bought with money, but it is not true. The health cannot be bought with money. Some people are happy when they are alive.

The world is full of different amazing things and we should not forget about it! There is so much to enjoy: nature, air, animals, and plants. You can have a lot of money all your life, nevertheless do not see these things and live a worthless life!

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