My Summer Vacation Essay

Vacation in Vancouver (Canada)

Vacation is an excellent opportunity to combine the useful with the pleasant. My family enjoys travelling very much and tries to visit as many countries as possible during vacations. Each trip gives us a chance to experience the culture of the visited country and observe its best places of interest.

Recently, my family and I spent a vacation in Vancouver, Canada. It should be mentioned that Vancouver is located on the Burrard Peninsula. Thus, we enjoyed a splendid panorama of the Strait of Georgia and the North Shore Mountains which overlook Vancouver. We started our promenade from Stanley Park. I was amazed by the size of this urban park. The main peculiarity of Stanley Park is that it is not a purpose-made product of landscape architecture, though we have seen numerous monuments that have been made by men. When we were walking on the central streets, the Hotel Vancouver drew our attention.

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It is an impressive building that towers above the overcrowded streets. It height is over 100 meters. Thus, the hotel can be seen from different districts of the city when illumination on the hotel’s roof is lighted. The architecture of Vancouver combines the old Edwardian-style houses with modern buildings such as Harbour Centre and City Hall. Personally I liked the Canada Place most of all. I was amazed by its white fabric roofs that look like the sails. However, my family preferred to take a lot of pictures near the Vancouver Public Library because the building of the library is a copy of the Roman Colosseum. What is more, we visited the Vancouver Art Gallery during our stay in this amazing city. We were able to see not only the paintings of famous Canadian artists but also the works of American painters. In addition, we made a visit to the Vancouver Maritime Museum where the various models of vessels and warships are represented. The nightlife in Vancouver is vibrant.

My family and I enjoyed walking on the luminous streets. We loved the atmosphere of the holiday that hang thick in the air and enhance tourists’ mood. We enjoyed our vacation very much. Without doubt, Vancouver is a city that must be seen. Its breathtaking scenery and dynamic lifestyle attract tourist from different parts of the world.

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