The process of making decisions regarding your education is a very responsible activity. International students have to think about too many question in order to choose the best place to study. One of the most popular degrees students choose to obtain is a degree in Political Science. However, if you have already made up your mind about the specialty you still have to consider such things as where to study, what degree to obtain (Master’s or PhD), etc. Below you will find answers to some of your questions.

Tips on Where to Obtain Graduate Degree in Political Science

It should be noted that many universities and colleges, which offer undergraduate programs in the given field, offer graduate programs as well. Nevertheless, it is recommended that a student checks what exactly program a school offer. It is caused by the fact that many schools offer only Master’s or only PhD program, while some of them do not have such programs at all. Villanova University in Pennsylvania, which is situated not far from Philadelphia, is a bright example of such school. If you are going to apply for a PhD program, it is not a right choice for you, as the school offers only Master’s program in Political Science. Consequently, the students looking for PhD program will have to look for it elsewhere.

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On the other hand, there is the University of South California, downtown of Los Angeles, which offers only PhD program. The program is available under cooperation with International Relations Department, and it offers some benefits to the students. Some of them include funding, two-year fellowship, research possibilities, etc. In order to choose a degree that will be right for you, read about pros and cons of each of them.

Master’s Degree

Obtaining Master’s Degree in Political Science is important for those international students who want to improve their skills and become more competitive in the job market. However, it does not necessarily have to depend on the career you choose but rather on the ambitions you have. For instance, if you want to connect your life and career with such jobs as political scientist, lobbyist or campaign worker, then Master’s Degree is exactly what you need. You will have much better opportunities after obtaining the given degree compared to those students who decide to stop their education after getting Bachelor’s Degree. In addition, if your goal is to further study Political Science at the community college level, obtaining a Master’s Degree will be a necessary step for you to make. Be ready to spend from two to three years studying to obtain the desired degree. During this period of time you will have a possibility to get much deeper knowledge on the subjects you have learnt during your Undergraduate curriculum in Political Science. Moreover, while selecting a program, an international student has to consider such things as the reputation of school and professors, the location of establishment, your desire to study and many other important issues. {t_essay_2}

PhD Degree

For those students who find educational process interesting enough to combine their life with the given sphere, obtaining a PhD Degree will be of utmost importance. If you want to teach at the collegiate level, or if you are willing to make researchers and publish scholarly articles you should aim at getting this degree. Considering that a PhD Degree is more respectful in academic circles, you should think about applying for a program offering it in order to become a Political Science professor one day. However, you should remember that obtaining a doctorate in Political Science is not only more prestigious compared to obtaining Master’s Degree, but also much more difficult. The duration of education for students willing to get the given degree is from four to eight years. The period depends on the school and programs it offers. Moreover, personal abilities also play an important role, as this duration also depends on time you will need to complete your dissertation. However, alongside with all the difficulties, the PhD programs offer higher financial aid and much better funding compared to Master’s programs.




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