You should pass a lot of exams to enter a university. Sometimes it is hard to clarify all these types of examinations, primarily when we deal with medical entrance examinations. Thus, we highly recommend you to read this short article about 8 most popular medical entrance examinations in India: NEET (UG), AIIMS (UG), JIPMER (UG), NEET (PG), AIIMS (PG), JIPMER (PG), CMC, VELLORE, AFMC. Know more today - to be better tomorrow!

All about Medical Entrance Examinations

There are three public medical entrance examinations to become the undergraduate medical student.

The first one and maybe the most famous is national eligibility and entrance test (NEET). More than 66 percent of Indian students pass this exam in May every year. The state institution, Central board of secondary education, supports those students who desire to get Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery or Bachelor of Dentistry degrees. This exam suits all state or private medical universities and colleges entrance requirements in India. The test is based on the school program and includes four parts on different subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, and Botany. Organizers co-work in-depth with all secondary schools and are well familiar with their study programs and disciplines. Thus, you can be sure that passing this medical entrance exam successfully will allow you to compete for the budget places in the best medical universities and colleges in India. The second medical entrance exam is called AIIMS (UG) and represents all Indian institutes of medical sciences. It means that passing this exam successfully you will get a chance to enter one of the prestigious medical universities or colleges. The exam consists of such subjects as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English. Furthermore, you can apply for this exam online via the official web page of the AIIMS (UG). The third medical entrance exam is conducted by the Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER). It is one of the authoritative medical institutes both in India and in Europe; it has been situated in Puducherry since 1956. It is also famous because of its location, which is about 200 kilometers far from the city. JIPMER (UG) is a particular test, which you have to pass to enter exactly this university. It has a little bit more complicated structure than previous two medical entrance exams. First of all, you have to pass the exam on such subjects as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, the English language and comprehension, and, finally, logical and quantitative reasoning. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology include 60 questions each; meanwhile, there are only 10 questions on English and logical and quantitative reasoning. You will get four different marks for each subject. Of course, the most important are Chemistry and Biology. However, you will get one mark for each subject. It means that you should be good also at English, Physics, and logical and quantitative reasoning to become a student of this famous medical institution, more so if you want to get a budget place.

  1. Besides, most of the mentioned above systems offer you to pass the particular exams for undergraduate students and for getting a Master Degree or Ph.D. Already mentioned NEET (UG) also has a particular exam for those who graduated from the universities and colleges and desire to get a Master Degree and Ph. D. NEET (PG) is also a state national exam conducted by such authoritative medical organizations as AIIMS, New Dehli, AIIMS PG, etc. This exam allows you to study at different programs and obtain MD, MS, MDS, DM, M.Ch, etc. NEET (PG) also offers you such five useful options: If you successfully finish your studying and get a Master Degree, you have the opportunity to get even a certificate from Diplomate of National Board (DNB), visiting Broad specialty courses.
  2. Usually, graduated and postgraduate students suffer from the lack of budget places to continue their education. Yearly, NEET (PG) books in advance 50 percent of quota seats for their students around the whole country, excluding Andhra Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, and Telangana.
  3. Also, you will have a chance to visit some MD\MS\PG courses at all Indian private and state universities and colleges thanks to their close cooperation.
  4. Students with MD\MS\PG diploma can also count on state quota seats across the states\union territories of India.
  5. NEET (PG) also gives you a chance to visit some practical medical, military courses at the Armed Forces Medical Services Institutions. AIIMS (PG) offers various medical courses. Besides, it has a unique program for students with MBBS who want to obtain MD\MS, and for students with a BDS degree aiming to get MDS.

However, to apply for these medical courses, you should have at least one year of the internship and high overall scores. Here, you can count on the new teaching methods and approaches, leading doctors and professors, and high level of dignity and principles. JIPMER (PG) is a test that will help you to get new experience in various disciplines. You can pass it after obtaining your Bachelor degree. Then, you can attend one of the courses from this list to get your Ph. D.: super specialty departments of cardiology, neurology, cardiothoracic surgery, neurosurgery, urology, plastic surgery, pediatric surgery, pediatric critical care, neonatology, clinical Immunology, clinical pharmacology, nephrology, medical oncology, endocrinology, surgical oncology and surgical gastroenterology. Do not lose your chance to become a professional! One of the leading medical institutions in India is Christian Medical College (CMC, Vellore). It was established in 1900th and is still considered to be the most authoritative private college for MBBS and BDS aspirants. It offers two groups of courses:

  • You may attend undergraduate degree courses on MBBS, B. Sc Nursing, and Allied Health Sciences Degree.
  • You may get a diploma in nursing, MSc, MPH and visit Fellowships courses.

The last but not the least is Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC). It is the most famous military medical institution in India nowadays, which was founded in 1948. They prepare professional health workers in microbiology, anatomy, biochemistry, and dental surgery. Surgery department is the most crucial one and services all military institutions. There are approximately 300 professors and practicing doctors in this college. Besides, it is considered the leading medical institution in running medical pieces of research and preparing the new medical generation. Dreams come true! Believe in yourself and good luck!


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