Anxiety is continually taking roots in almost every aspect of millennials’ lives. Sudden social anxiety is a common thing nowadays whether it’s explained by prices which tend to rise, overload of information, or that damn social media cultivation comparison on overdrive. Anxiety comes out of nowhere, and our feeling of anxiety looks more like a habit. Have you ever wondered why are millennials so stressed and the ways it can be beaten? The harmful damage that anxiety brings can be compared to the stresses about jobs and sleep issues. Are there any ways to beat this disastrous anxiety? Yes, they do exist! Read on to find out the main reasons for millennial anxiety and their types.

Common Types of Anxiety You Feel in Your 20s

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Haven’t woken up yet when the Instagram feed has just shown you how someone you know is tearing it up? While you are still lying in your bed, someone is living the life to the fullest. The FOMO is more real than you might think. Ways to cope with FOMO type: You need to discover what is the root of your FOMO which means that you honestly tell yourself what is the hardest time ever when you feel this way. Even if it’s just a new pair of brand jeans you can’t afford, be honest, you do it for yourself. Feel like someone has stolen the trip of your dream, really? What’s the problem? Spend less on unnecessary things and be determined in the wish of your next trip, well, money saving tips are always there! Understand that it doesn’t actually matter what makes you feel FOMO, the thing that matters lies in admitting what your FOMO is. Only then you can change something, but if it’s almost unbearable, just log off from social media.

Sleep is not a priority anymore

Millennial generation anxiety is also related to the lack of sleep, the “24/7” approach to life suggests not prioritizing sleep and staying late every single time you aren’t done with your deadline, or whatever. Remind yourself that you aren’t almighty, or are you? There is no need to mention the effects that sleep disorders and the lack of a proper rest have on both your mental and physical health. Ways to cope with this type: Make the rest your priority. It’s easier than ever, isn’t it? As soon as you start working on your regular and proper rest at night, you’ll immediately notice that your anxiety isn’t the one that you used to have. Learn to say “NO” every single event or thing that might even the slightest bit ruin your precious sleep time.

Being stuck in a rat race

A non-stop rat race forces us to be better than your neighbor even if you don’t have any. That doesn’t sound familiar? We were born to participate in a lifelong marathon; it seems the pressure we are put under is an inevitable part of our human live. Everyone is to be successful, more successful than their neighbor, remember? Such pressure leaves us with nothing but exhaustion and total despair at all, no matter how good we are at something. What to say about the feelings when you aren’t sure what you want to do with your life, poor loser, nothing new really. Ways to cope: Don’t let that run in marathon ruin your life completely! Feel like you aren’t motivated with your current job anymore? What’s the problem? It’s about time you moved on and said goodbye to this one. There are tons of opportunities and they might be just around the corner of your apartment. Feel free for doing exactly what you want, put yourself in a team that will run with you respectfully. Never lower your standards for the others! Surround yourself with people who you want to be put around, avoid toxic people. And keep in mind there is no one on this planet to dictate you how to live your life and big boss to become.

Being unknown how to relax

We might never realize that our anxiety comes out from the wrong relaxation. It goes about the way we get used to relaxing which tends to be just a binge-watching or scrolling through social feeds. Instead of a proper rest, you may get only the opposite effect, and then who have we to blame here? Ways to cope: Turn off your TV and the phone; these two things have nothing in common with a true rest as it is. Let yourself sleep enough, grab some cappuccino with your friend you haven’t met for ages, meditate, go to your yoga class or treat yourself a spa, massage, manicure, whatever just do the things that bring you the greatest joy and pleasure. Always dreamed about a hiking trip but waited for a suitable moment? Go on, this moment is right now! Or maybe you are afraid of such extreme as you’ve never done that before? Then it’s high time you got rid of your scares, met new adventures, and collected the most exciting memories ever! The difference between the way to relax as a couch potato and a traveler is obvious.

Hitting Milestones by a Certain Age

A certain level of achieved success by a certain age, yes, we know what it means, we tend to do that. If it happens that you still haven’t put a tick on all those points from your list the anxiety attack arrives like a tsunami. Mind that when you were creating the list of success in 10 years or so, you were a different person. You never know what your life will be even tomorrow, let’s be honest. Of course, no one says we don’t need to plan and look ahead. How to deal Let the things happen on its own, keep it easy. Stop disastrously putting ticks in your list; it might bring you only physical and mental exhaustion, nothing else. Instead of concentrating what you haven’t achieved or done yet, get your focus on what you’ve already done, changed, improved, everything you have already now this single moment. Don’t you think that chasing for specific milestones by certain is nothing else than just one of the most needless things ever?


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