1. Find out whether the organizations that gave support to the Golden Age of capitalism were not able to maintain economic growth in the long run.
  2. Discover whether a consumer risk preference may influence a consumers’ decision to buy durable goods.
  3. Taking the quantity theory of money into account, analyze the connection between the growth of the amount of money and an inflation rate. Demonstrate whether inflation could be regarded as a monetary phenomenon in the long term.
  4. Write a report about 2500 words in length and a 500 words long diary. Please keep in mind that both pieces of writing have to be produced appropriately. Each work has to be structured and formatted in accordance with all rules. Moreover, each paper should contain accurate statistical data.
  5. Write a compare and contrast essay. Identify similar and different features of two subjects. You are free to explore such economic issues as sales and turnover, GDP, VAT, employment and other points relating to economics.
  6. Thoroughly research such phenomenon as an economic crisis. Present facts and relevant data to support your statements.
  7. Disclose the peculiarities of the fiscal and monetary policies.
  8. Analyze the role of the financial market in the world of ambiguity.
  9. Refer to such economic notion as financial investment to examine the given statement.
  10. When analyzing the market, some companies may be afraid of losing the competition which is very fierce. Some organizations decide to stay small. Thus, they can gain numerous advantages on the market where large enterprises play a dominant role. Why being a small company is a good market strategy for the agencies operating on the market? Take a sequential game as a basis for your analysis. Can such issue as “dedication” help small companies achieve economic success? Present the main features of “dedication.” Define an approximate time frame when the mentioned strategy can give positive results. Such should be the first part of your paper. The second part should perform an analysis of a real situation when a company entering the market tried to be soft. Can such a method be effective?
  11. Explore the results of industrial debates in China in 2010.
  12. Highlight the peculiarities of the Solow growth model.
  13. Find out why the majority of economists believe that a vertical integration lies in the inevitable decline. Uphold your analysis with compelling arguments.
  14. The governments of some countries borrow too much money. At the same time, the interest rates are very low. Fiscal policy is ineffective and easy money cause inflation.
  15. According to the economic theory, there are four kinds of market. You need to define the categories for different sorts of companies. Make a detailed economic analysis to identify the competitive areas for these companies. Additionally, try to find out the market strategies the analyzed agencies may use. When analyzing the market, try to determine whether the strategies used by the companies are successful.
  16. Analyze the neo-classical concept of the labor supply. Determine whether the concept provides a clear explanation for the consequences of a wage increase and the issue of voluntary unemployment in terms of labor supply.
  17. During the last years, many undergraduates have been admitted to the Economics Division though its staff remained unchangeable. Such a situation is quite possible due to the fact that the marginal cost of each extra undergraduate is less than the average expenditure on every student.
  18. Make the PESTEL and SWOT analyses of the given company. Discuss what economic strategies the company should use to promote its development.
  19. Analyze the change in prices for houses over the recent years. In order to make a detailed analysis, you should refer to the economic concept of demand and supply and relevant charts.
  20. What kind of the market structure depicts the chain of supermarkets in the UK in the best way?
  21. Describe the peculiarities of the Bretton Woods system.
  22. How did the Solow growth model contribute to people’s comprehension of dynamics and determinants of economic growth in the countries with capitalist economies?
  23. What makes the economies unbalanced?
  24. Analyze the economies of different countries and identify the way of achieving economic success. Provide evidence to support your opinion.
  25. Define the main reasons for inequality and poverty in UK.
  26. Examine the growth of Malaysian economy since 1957. Determine the chief elements of the economic development of Malaysia. What lessons can underdeveloped countries learn from Malaysian experience?
  27.  Analyze the book of Amartya Sen “Development as freedom” and create a critical review on the significant role of economic development.
  28. Present the definition of inflation and highlight its main features. What is the difference between the demand pull inflation and cost push?
  29. Explore why the availability factor is not considered compelling evidence of economic power of particular countries or districts.
  30. According to statistical data, with the rise of rates paid per hour, the coalminers started missing Friday night shifts very often. Discuss this phenomenon by making its economic analysis.
  31. What methods can be developed for protecting companies with poor credit scoring against the sub-prime mortgages?
  32. Define and examine the key factors the Inland Revenue will take into account when determining whether a person is a resident of the UK or not. Discuss the pros and cons of such factors.
  33. Choose a branch of industry or type of goods that have not been influenced by economic recession. It does not necessarily mean that the company you are going to analyze has to be based in the UK. Explore why the chosen sector has not been damaged by the crisis.
  34. Ageing in China from the economic viewpoint.
  35. Discuss the importance of urban development in the Isle of Dogs from the economic point of view.
  36. Everyone is aware of the common principle: “Pays the one who pollutes the environment.” However, what are the main criteria for allocating responsibility for the polluted environment when it goes about global economies?
  37. What are the major issues in China that can stunt its economic growth?
  38. Explain the notion “Main Economic Problem”.

Analyze the position of a particular company on the market of the UK paying attention to the changes in management. Show how it (management change) influences the share price. Examine the actions of the company in case of inflation. What methods should be used to handle the situation?


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