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When students are first asked to write a term paper, most of them begin to panic or get upset because even the word “term paper” sounds a bit intimidating and confusing. Any academic paper must be interesting for the reader and you should follow some specific writing guidelines to succeed in writing. For sure, if your professor has given very specific instructions, you must follow them from dot to dot. If not, please have a look at the information presented below that will help you submit a good paper in the end.

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Nowadays, most of professors accept only typed papers. Therefore, you should follow the key formatting requirements. The paper font is usually Times New Roman, 12 pt. Do not use very extraordinary fonts that complicate the reading. Your teacher will ask you to create the title page, where one can find student’s name, title of the paper, the class, date, and sometimes professor’s name. Information on the cover page in term papers can vary, depending on professor’s requirements. The text structure should be easily comprehensible for the reader. If the paper is long, it is preferable to have subheadings. All paragraphs must be approximately equal in length. If you have some tables, figures, and graphs, in the paper, they should be placed in “Appendices” section after the reference list. The key tables/graphs can be put in the text, but usually teachers ask to move them to Appendices.


Obviously, students who do not know how to write a term paper do not realize that the title of the paper is of primary importance. In most cases, it is challenging to create the title because these a couple of words should reflect the essence of the whole paper. Therefore, do not begin the writing process from the creation of the title. Produce the whole essay and get back to the title because it should present a specific point from the content.

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According to the term paper format, introduction is a paragraph that allows to show all your creative and critical abilities. The goal of introductory paragraphs is to attract reader’s attention and present a brief discussion of what the paper will be about. Remember that you should not present your argumentation, personal interpretation, statistics, and other evidential support in your introduction. This paragraph should sound like a general overview of the problem and end with a specific thesis statement. If you are not sure how to attract readers’ attention, do not hesitate to check some samples on the Internet. Please, do not copy-paste any ideas. If you have to write a book report, you will have to present the author and the book title in the beginning. Then you can move on to your specific claims about its content.

If to look at college term papers, one would see that introduction usually mentions the purpose of writing, presents a hint on the future paper organization and discusses the overall judgment/argument. You should focus on a specific problem, rather than making some general statements. Remember that introduction should take approximately 10-15% of the whole paper length. The same goes to the concluding paragraph. In academic writing, one should refrain from the usage of “I.” The rule cannot be applied only to some types of descriptive and narrative writing, where personal pronoun usage is required.

The Goal of the Thesis Statement

No matter what research paper topics you have to discuss, you always should ensure that your thesis statement is present in introduction. There are different types of thesis statements (informative, argumentative, etc.), so please make sure that you chose a suitable one. A good thesis statement should not be long. Its goal is to predict what the main body will explore and give a hint on the paper organization. For instance, if you say that “Global warming provokes deforestation, holes in the ozone layer, and extinction of some species,” it means that there will be 3 main body paragraphs. Do not simply state what each paragraph will be about in a way “The paper focuses on the global warming and its effects.” Your thesis statement should be restated in conclusion.

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Term papers show what knowledge individuals who have written them possess. Term papers cannot be written without a great deal of knowledge. However, nowadays students are overloaded with a variety of different tasks and they do not have enough time to write their term papers in a proper way. As a result, such students are thrown out of the competition. If you are writing a term paper on a particular subject, you should know this subject well and be ready to spend a lot of time doing the research.

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