Of course, the choice of a profession is an important stage in the life of every person, because the work will not only give you a possibility to earn money but will also allow you to enjoy your life. Build your choice according to your own abilities and market conditions. For example, now there is an acute shortage of working specialties, so such workers as drivers, food vendors, cooks, and building specialties can easily find work. Among high-skilled professionals, there is a demand for doctors, teachers, engineers, and accountants.

Active job

Here is a List of the Most Active and Relevant Professions Nowadays

  1. Anesthesist Nurse

You can earn good money working as an anesthetist nurse. This work is definitely not boring. Duties and job descriptions vary for each position, depending on the previous work experience. However, this profession requires a master's degree.

  1. Specialist in Operations Research

This is a very interesting position that requires a lot of analysis and mathematics. These analysts focus on helping organizations address their issues and concerns.

  1. Tennis Coach

Hourly payment in California starts from $60. The average income of a coach with enough reputation and experience is $100 per hour, so this is not only a very active work but also a good opportunity to earn money. There is no mandatory certification or any requirements for this profession.

  1. Fitness or Yoga Trainer

It is desirable to have a certificate that confirms your professional qualities for this job. Specialty is in great demand nowadays. When working as a personal trainer, the salary ranges from $60 per hour. Moreover, yoga is very popular today.

  1. Firefighter

It must be acknowledged that out of all the vacancies on this list, the work of the firefighters will make you look like the bravest person in the eyes of others, as this job has fallen into the rating of 10 the most courageous professions. If you become the head of the fire department, the income will increase to $80,000. There is an opportunity earn additional $30,000 if you achieve real success and get the rank of a captain. Furthermore, you can have a lot of fun with your colleagues in the fire department.

  1. Security Officer

Of course, you can become an ordinary police officer, but the security officer sounds cooler. If you become a guard, your powers will be severely limited. However, you will still deal with such offenses as attacks, looting, and documents forgery. You must have a good command of firearms, have first aid skills, and know different ways of self-defense.

  1. Worker in the Department of Labor Therapy

If you like to help people recover or improve their ability to work every day, you have a direct path to the department of labor therapy. Specialists in this field must have a bachelor's degree, and apart from that you may need to obtain a license.

  1. Technica of Wind Turbines

The extraction of alternative energy and protection of the environment are interrelated and take a priority position in the United States. As a result, the country will need specialists. If you can work on the street and at altitude, this work is for you. The average annual salary is more than $ 51,050. The employment of technicians in servicing wind turbines is projected to grow by 108% until 2024.

  1. Civil Aviation Pilot

Probably everyone knows about the advantages of commercial airline pilots (according to the rules of the FAA – Federal Aviation Administration, they must have no more than 100 flight hours per month). However, getting this specialty is not so easy. In order to get a pilot's certificate, first, you need to be 18 years and older, and secondly, you must have at least 250 hours of flight. To become a pilot of commercial flights, you must be minimum 23 years old, have at least 1500 hours of flight, and you must pass the FAA (written, instrumental, and flight tests).

  1. Dentist

There are many professions in this area, including orthodontists, maxilla-facial surgeons, and pediatricians, many of whom become practicing doctors. In general, private dentists also engage in other work, including administration and account management.

  1. Technical Manager

Technical managers are responsible for planning, coordination, research, design, and production. Often, they monitor the work of managers of natural sciences and managers of computer and information systems that includes two professions already presented in our list. Typically, technical managers determine individual technical and scientific tasks, give them a general idea, plan their implementation and, in some cases, are responsible for the financial viability of new projects. For example, they can actively engage in the development of new tasks in the field of real estate, or deal with technical problems of production.

  1. Air Traffic Manager

The issues of employment of such specialists are virtually exclusively engaged in the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States. Air traffic controllers are responsible for the safe operation of private and commercial airlines. First of all, their responsibility is to coordinate the movement of aircraft in the airspace (all planes must be at a safe distance from each other in order to minimize delays in the movement of aircraft). Typically, a team of air traffic controllers works together and coordinates the take-off and landing of planes, the provision of buses to the airport exits, as well as communication with pilots and a warning about bad weather conditions.

  1. Lawyer

The legal system covers virtually every aspect of the modern society. All people are familiar with the criminal and administrative law, but everything is much more complicated. Commercial law, international law, family law, private law, intellectual property, and civil law – all these things must be taken into account. Some lawyers choose a separate area (construction, collection, disposal of waste, safety, or insurance), while others deal with the conclusion of contracts or represent the party prosecutor or defendant in court. As you can see, in the modern world there is a huge number of interesting and active professions. It is not necessary to do something boring; you can just do what you like.


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