Writing a case study may seem to be an easy assignment from the first sight. However, completing an interesting and successful case study paper requires serious efforts. It will take some time to learn case study writing technique. In addition, an accurate writing plan should be developed prior to writing the case study.

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Successful and highly experienced writers follow the below provided techniques when writing their case studies:

  • Try to involve the client during the writing process. If you let your client to be involved in the case study writing process, it will help you to receive client’s approval of the results reached after the case study completion. Prior to writing the case study, you need to receive client’s permission on paper writing, ask for his/her cooperation during the writing process and get his/her approval after the final draft is complete.
  • Write down client’s quotes to review them while writing the paper. Such an approach to case study writing will result in more accurate material.
  • Make sure the client is constantly involved in the case study writing process. At the early stages of writing process, recommend the executive or a high-level manager to sign the document. Name and title provided in the case study will increase its credibility. In addition, it can bring benefits to the manager.

Ideas for Case Study Writing

  1. Make a template of the document. It will serve you as a map during the writing process and will help you understand whether the paper is consistent. In addition, templates help to build the brand. As a result, it makes the writing process simpler. Prior to paper writing, identify 3 to 5 particular elements in order to include them in the case study; make those elements formalized and try to stick to them throughout the writing process.
  2. Bang will help you to start. When creating the title and subtitles, use effective action verbs and put emphasis on the case study advantages. In larger text parts, it is recommended to use client’s quotes (less than twenty words). Now, you can sum up the main points of your case study using 2 to 3 bullet points. Your main objective is to make the reader want to read your paper till the end.
  3. Structure in accordance with the issue (problem), its solution and advantages. Despite the length, the most efficient structure for every case study follows the issue (problem)-solution-advantages flow. First of all, provide a description of the problem; then offer the problem solution; last but not the least, describe what advantages it may have for the client. Such simple sequence will make your paper easy for comprehension.
  4. General-to-specific-to-general approach is recommended to use in case study. When describing the problem, start with general discussion of the selected issue that is present in the industry. Then you can start describing a particular issue faced by the client. The opposite sequence is recommended to use in the solution section. Start describing how the offered solution can help solve the problem and then discuss how it may solve the issue in the whole industry. When you begin from general information, you draw reader’s attention to the story. When you offer a particular example, you show how the selected solution helps to solve the issue. Finally, providing a more general conclusion allows your readers to comprehend how the offered solution can address their issue.

Use More Tips to Write a Successful Case Study Paper

  • Try to quantify advantages if it is possible. Quantifying advantages to the solution is considered to be compelling. For instance, “Applying solution Y helped to save Client X over $ NNN,NNN after just 2 months of its implementation.” or “Due to the solution Y, employees at company X improved their productivity  according to the standard performance measurement.” Quantifying the advantages is a challenge. However, this task is possible. The main secret of success is to represent imaginative ideas to your client to quantify the advantages and stay flexible when discussing them. In case you cannot quantify the advantages, try to create a list of quantitative advantages. They are also interesting to the client.
  • Use visual material. Ask your client whether he/she can give you photos of personnel. It is not obligatory to use professional photos. On the contrary, digital photos can bring positive results as well. Visual material helps to personalize the case study and readers become attached to the story.
  • Reward your client. After you are done with the final version of the case study, provide your client with the printed and pdf versions.

It is not easy to write a successful case study. In case the writer does not possess the necessary writing skills, a good writing plan will not save the case study. That is why it is recommended to ask for professional writing help. Remember that we work to help you with case study writing.


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