Perhaps, professors think that they simplify the task when allowing their students to choose a literature research paper topic by themselves. Well, if they indeed do, they are wrong. Usually, a student gets perplexed and even shocked by a variety of options. Consequently, he/she spends more than a half of the deadline selecting the appropriate topic rather than writing. Fortunately, there are services like ours that are always ready to give a hand in a troublesome situation. Check out the list of literature research paper topics, and you will definitely find the one that will perfectly match the professor’s requirements and your interests.

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Literature Research Paper Topics

  1. Similar and distinctive features of Hamlet and Mercutio.
  2. The major theme of The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger.
  3. Elements of Greek mythology in Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion.
  4. The role of death in Shakespeare’s plays.
  5. First feminist novelists in British literature.
  6. The role of humor in literature of the 1980s.
  7. Catharsis and literature: Therapeutic uses.
  8. The theme of solitude in The Old Man and the Sea.
  9. The best examples of successful usage of black humor in literature.
  10. A symbol of a road in poetry.
  11. The world of wizards in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter as the representation of modern society.
  12. The theme of violence in Burgess’s Clockwork Orange.
  13. The analysis of modern literature for kids.
  14. Magic realism in the works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
  15. The focal theme of Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People.
  16. Trickster tales in British literature.
  17. Male friendship in the works of E. M. Remark.
  18. Narnia in C.K. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as the representation of the author’s contemporary society.
  19. The theme of religion in Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.
  20. The influence of Shakespeare’s plays on those of Bernard Shaw.
  21. The analysis of dystopian literature.
  22. Impact of Scandinavian mythology on the development of European literature.
  23. The theme of travelling in literature.
  24. The discussion of homosexuality in literature.
  25. Sexual revolution in English literature.
  26. The major theme of F. Kafka’s Metamorphosis.
  27. Racial prejudice in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter.
  28. Holocaust in literature.
  29. Does books by Paolo Coelho have literary value?
  30. The effect of changes in a society on the development of literature.
  31. The portrayal of Catholic Church in literature.
  32. The theme of despair in postwar literature of European writers.
  33. Symbolism in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird.
  34. Comparing and contrasting of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.
  35. The influence of World War II on literature.
  36. The comparison of two female characters in Little Women.

Fascinating British Literature Research Paper Topics

What topic should you give preference to? You may compile a lengthy list of British literature research paper topics but it may be still hard for you to pick an appropriate one if they are constructed in a wrong way. You should pay attention to compelling themes that are expressed in a clear and concise manner. Usually those studying at colleges and high schools are supposed to produce research papers on various British literature research paper topics. Though there is a large number of subjects to select from, many students still doubt about which to create a paper on. If you also encounter difficulties in picking a subject for you work, consider the British lit research paper topics given below:

  1. Orphans as a burning issue in British literature.
  2. The impact of foreign cultures and traditions on British literature.
  3. England from the viewpoint of Charles Dickens.
  4. Exploring the issue of a common gender in literature.
  5. The most mysterious writer in Britain.
  6. Evaluate the main heroes in two the most popular British stories.
  7. King Lear: villains versus anti-heroes.
  8. Utopian society from the viewpoint of different writers of Great Britain.
  9. Why are specific literary works considered the masterpieces of classics? Can Harry Potter be referred to that group?
  10. Love versus romantic feelings highlighted in the works of Charlotte Bronte.
  11. Agatha Christie – influential female writer in Britain.
  12. Literature in Britain in the XIX century: meeting the needs of the middle class.
  13. The connection between modern literature and that of the Victorian age.
  14. The role of women in the masterpieces created by Shakespeare.
  15. The place of the issue of adultery in the literary works of British writers.
  16. The evolution of leading heroes in the literary pieces created by Charles Dickens.
  17. The Lake Poets: the key peculiarities of their literary works.
  18. Specifics of the writing style developed by Shakespeare.
  19. The World War I: the issue of violence in poetry.
  20. The World War II: the most popular subjects discussed in books, features of the depicted characters.
  21. Division of a society in the 18th century: the issue of revenge in literature.
  22. The cases of depicting supernatural power in literature.
  23. Raising the topic of talent and genius in the literary works of different genres.
  24. Key factors that made detective stories extremely popular in the 19th
  25. Individualism versus collectivism in the literary works crafted by O. Twist.
  26. Diverse forms of eyesore in the novels of British writers.
  27. The notion of innocence in the pieces of literature composed by W. Golding.
  28. The development of literature in Britain: chief stages, points and peculiarities.
  29. Major difference between the literary works of British writers of 16th and 17th
  30. Peculiar features of the pieces of literature written in the 16th century and those produced at the present time.
  31. General characteristics of the literary works created in Britain in the 17th
  32. The literary works holding a leading position in British literature: are the masterpieces of Shakespeare still on the list?
  33. Principal points in the literary area of Britain in the 19th
  34. Differentiating between the literary pieces of the 19th and 20th
  35. What items form the literature of Britain?
  36. Popularizing literature in Britain in the 18th century: the role of music and drama.
  37. Typical poems that were at the peak of popularity in the 19th century in Britain.
  38. Literature in the 18th century and that at present time: what is the difference?
  39. British poetesses and their role in the development of literature.
  40. Male writers and their contribution to British literature.
  41. Changes in literature that were introduced since the first novel has been published.
  42. Impressive achievements represented by Scottish writers and poets.
  43. The most prominent Irish poets and their masterpieces presented in the 18th
  44. Powerful determinants advertising English literature.
  45. Key points that differ English literature from that of other countries.

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