Despite the fact that recording engineering is a purely technological profession, people without imagination will not be able to be successful in this field. Usually, four major categories are identified in the field, such as music recording, live shows, cinematography, and broadcasting. Each of these industries requires recording engineers to ensure effective and smooth implementation of the actions. International students experience major difficulties in searching for careers and job options in such a varied and exciting sphere in as recording engineering since they may be lost in the options and choices universities offer. Usually, people searching for careers opportunities related to recording engineering choose music as their main specialization. However, international students should know that there are many other options, which can be considered as interesting for them and they haven’t heard about those before, this article is a perfect opportunity to do it.

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Recording Music

However, the fact that most international students search for careers in recording music industry confirms the fact if its popularity and high level of job opportunities. Hence, recording music careers are diverse and impressive. One of the most spread fields of recording engineering with the focus on music is a music producer. The main responsibility of the music producer is to plan the work of an artist from the initiation of the music composition till its recording on the album. This process is rather extended and includes the work of many teams and related processes, which a music producer can combine and monitor. Also, the marketing of a music album is the responsibility of a music producer. If you do not like much attention and prefer to work with a couple people or even independently, you may be interested in being involved in another aspect of music recording. What about an option of a studio engineer? These people work in studios and record sound. They are responsible for ensuring that different sounds and tracks can work together effectively and create a lovely piece of music. This profession offer numerous options for gaining experience in large studios while education. A mixing engineer is a bit different profession. People of this specialization use the work of studio engineers and combine a number of tracks, juxtapose the recordings, and create a complete piece of music. The most successful mixing engineers have a background in music along with specialized engineering education. A mastering engineer uses the products of the work of a mixing engineer. These people are responsible for the final product which they edit. They make the final decision of what people are going to listen to at the end. An electronic musician is a professional, who combines a recording engineering specialization along with the personal ability to create music. Therefore, if you want to become a composer, but technology attracts you more, you can chose this specialization and combine your desires and your abilities in one profession.

Live Music

Another recording engineering field of specialization is devoted to live music. This is one of the most complicated industries since people devoted to its studying have to ensure that each their step is perfectly planned. Working live requires much attention and dedication to what you do. Also, this industry can accept only those who can resolve any issues immediately and work for the benefit of others without paying attention to personal needs. American colleges and universities distinguish between three main specializations in live music industry, discussed below. A live sound engineer handles sound reinforcement during live shows and other related events. This profession requires much attention to detail and thorough planning. These people work with equipment and cables; they arrange the sequence of sound and music, tune and unload equipment. Live sound mixing and sound-checking also fall in the field of their expertise. After the end of any live show, these people continue their job of removing all the equipment and packing it. A foldback or a monitor engineer works in close cooperation with a live sound engineer. A person with such a profession makes sure that the artists who stay on the stage can hear what they say or sing. If the equipment is arranged in a wrong way, the artists will not hear themselves correctly while the performance and it may influence the quality significantly. A systems engineer is one more specialization in the current industry. This person is considered as a head of the whole team, who bears the whole responsibility for the overall performance from the first day when the event is planned ill the minute when all equipment is packed and sent to the warehouse.


The industry of cinematography also involves the TV sector. The range of professions in this sector is incredible. If music for you is just a collection of different sounds and you want to work with voice more, this industry is specifically for you. Audio post-production professional is responsible for recording the sound and voices in the studio and delivering this material to mastering engineers. Music and dialogue editor does not create anything, but works with the already existing material to fit the sounds to the required format. These people make sure that the picture we see coincides with what we hear. Being an editor is not easy as these people sometimes have to provide the top quality product from low level of records. Still, this is their job. A location recordist is another profession in the range related to cinematography industry. These people record absolutely everything what happens during the records and then uses this information to make the images people see on the screen real. A location recordist also carries the functions of the HR, hiring technicians, planning and preparing equipment. {t_essay_1}


Recording engineering offers a number of jobs in the broadcasting industry. A studio manager is responsible for equipment, technical characteristics, and quality of the radio programs. Moreover, these people ensure that both voices and instruments can be equally distinguished. A broadcast engineer also irks with equipment and its technical characteristics, but his/her responsibilities are more directed on hardware. These people make sure that equipment is delivered on time, works appropriately, and can be handled without any issues.

Game Development

If you adore games and want to contribute to this industry as the recording engineer, you should choose the specialization of a game audio designer. People of this profession deal with sound and voices in games; they try to deliver the best quality and to ensure that the image fits into the sound and vice versa. Therefore, having decided to be involved in recording engineering, you should consider the whole scope of options as the range of professions varies and can help you express yourself in any of the offered industries.


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