The pressure, under which the nurses tend to work, is constant. The unrelenting pressures of their job leave no place for personal worries, so a hairdo is the last thing in the world they want to worry about. For this reason, we have decided to ease their life a tad and create a list of top 10 hairstyles for nurses. They are quick, easy, and cute. Frankly speaking, I am not even sure which of these features is more critical. Devote some precious time to this article, and these practical tips will not leave you indifferent!

1. Bobs.

It is not that daunting as it might seem at first glance. Have you never tried it before? Even if you want your hair to be medium-length, this hairdo is exactly for you. A little hint: ask your stylist to help you find your style needs. You can either opt for a wash-and-wear bob, which is the one with many layers, or another, more sophisticated one, which will require you to use a hairdryer, a curling iron or styler, and some hair gel, spray, oil, or some other products for styling. Ensure that the chosen option will satisfy your needs on a daily basis, especially under the pressure of time in stressful situations.

2. Pixie.

Some might say you look boyish. Nonetheless, it is very practical. The golden mean could be found by addressing a good stylist. Proper layers and a right haircut and voila! – your look is stylish and sporty now. One thing to bear in mind is to cut your hair regularly. Short hair grows out more noticeably, which means you need to pay a visit to a hair salon more frequently.

3. The French bun.

If you are a penchant for little imperfections, this sexy hairdo is something you have to try. What is more, it will keep your hair away from your face and from the face of your patient too. You need your hair dry and better not the fresh one (second day is the best option). Get your hair in one hand and start twisting it, slightly pulling up. Make it as tight as possible and fix with bobby pins, starting from the bottom and moving up to the top. Additionally, you can frame the base of your neck with a few strands.

4. Play with parts.

Whatever hairstyle you have chosen, you can always brighten it up a bit playing with parts. Create a zigzag or simply change your part to the other side, apply a small dollop of styling gel, and use some baby pins to fix it. Another way to do your hair in an untraditional way is to make a medium ponytail. Then twist your hair in two or three parts and fix them with pins. Do not forget to spritz your hair to fix your hairstyle and ensure that it will not fall apart till the end of the shift.

5. Styles for men.

It will not come as a surprise that being bald has a number of advantages; namely, it reduces your expenditures on hair products and saves your precious time. Nonetheless, not everyone feels comfortable with a bald head and simply wants to have a short stylish cut. Here, the best option is to visit a stylist recommended by one of your friends, who already has a haircut you like. This stylist unequivocally will offer you some recommendations for what suits you best according to your face shape and hair type. If you do not like the cute hairstyles for nurses presented above, check out milkmaid braids. There is a huge variety of possible options for fixing your hair. Just google it!

Hairstyles for Nurses with Long Hair

  • Bohemian braids.

Despite how much time you have, whether you have overslept or not, this classy hairstyle is quick and easy. Before doubting your abilities and stating that you are no good with your hands, check out the video tutorial. Your mane of hair can be easily transformed into a trendy hairdo.

  • Buns UPD.

Show me a female who has never tied a bun. I hardly believe you can find one. If you are tired of a common version, try this updated one. After twisting your hair and wrapping around as a standard bun, pull the ends of your hair through the middle to create a knot. It is a piece of cake, isn’t it?

  • High ponytail.

No matter how boring you think it might be, let us prove you are wrong. It is among the perfect hairstyles for nurses with long hair. Our technique will come to your aid to make a no-fuss look. Having dried your hair, concentrate the tip of the hairdryer on the roots of your hair. Bear in mind to use it only on the front and front sides. Slick your hair down with a brush to ensure there are no knots or kinks. To find where your high ponytail is going to be, you need to align it with your cheekbones and draw a line to the diagonal. The next step is to pull your hair in a tight ponytail. The perfection of this step is greatly dependent on your hair tie. Only right elastics can lock your hair perfectly. You are strongly encouraged to use two elastics in case your hair is thick and heavy. To slick the little babies or flyaways, use a dedicated toothbrush, unused mascara, or just a fine-toothed comb.

  • Hidden braids.

Do you consider a high ponytail to be outdated? Do some small braids, secure their ends with elastics, and make a ponytail or a bun. Follow the trend! What is more, it is what you need for a long shift.

  • Updos.

Quite literally, an updo is a perfect combination of the ideas for ponytails and buns. All you need is to slick your hair down into a ponytail, then twist it in a bun, and here is your updo. What is more, if you consider updos to be trivial, create a big plait and wrap your updo with it. Another excellent idea is to make some loose strands around your face. Give it a try!


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