The results of online tests are calculated, based on the specific number of questions (five) on 1 page or 300 words for quizzes. It is important to remember these standards, if the test contains questions of multiple choice or true/false kind of questions. For instance, when placing an order, a two-page order is needed if the test has 10 questions. There are cases, when students are supposed to type in their answers when performing an online test. Thus, please, do not forget to indicate the amount of words of your answers to be certain how many pages to order. If the test you received consists of thirty questions and each of those has to be answered in sixty words, then you have to place an order for six pages.

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Types of Assignments

Questions-Answers Tasks

Multiple-choice tasks: Pick the right work that would make the sentences complete. Fill in the gaps. Compose full sentences. Transformation: Make the change in the first sentence in such a way that it will have the same meaning as the second one. Connecting: Connect two words with the opposite meanings. Cloze tests: Fill in the gap spaces. True/false tasks: Define if a statement is true or false. Open questions: Provide a full answer to every question. Close questions: Provide a brief answer to the question. Correct mistakes: Fix the errors that you found in sentences.

How to Deal with Multiple-Choice Questions

Multiple-Choice questions are calculated based on the “five questions per page” rule.

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