You have already made one very important decision when finally made up your mind on marketing as you major. Now, it is a high time to make an easier but still a landmark choice for your life, namely to select a school to study at. In fact, this decision might be really complicated for international students who have to accustom to not only new classes and professors but also a new country, culture, outlooks, and even climate. Of course, such changes will be pleasant but only if an appropriate educational establishment is chosen. To make a right decision and never regret, one should obligatory consider such factors as alumni’s success as well as learning and working opportunities offered in schools. Find out more about universities that satisfy these criteria.

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University of California (UC) in Berkley

According to the recent rating of in U.S. News & World Report and that of Bloomberg BusinessWeek, UC is ranked the fourth and eleventh among business schools respectively owing to the effectiveness of marketing program offered there. However, apart from a high rating, there is a number of other reasons why this university is a good choice. The first one is its location. The UC is situated in the lively and vibrant city of Berkeley in the Bay of San Francisco. An international student will find it a perfect place to study and live in due to a favorable climate, hectic lifestyle of its residents, a variety of cuisines, and, of course, diverse culture. Another reason is the academic background of the faculty working in the school. They are nationally-acknowledged specialists, particularly in the sphere of consumer behavior and the associated strategies as well as modeling. In addition, there exist a few research institutes, for instance, Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation and a well-known Haas@Work program. Thus, studying in this university is a door to the world of opportunities. Considering the reputation of the professors and marketing program in general, a UC graduate will never have a problem with finding a job or hardship to persuade a potential employer of own competence. Besides, UC is a chance to work in some of the most prosperous companies in the world since Apple, Inc., Google, and Facebook are among those who conduct on-campus recruiting in the UC.

National University

National University is another option for those who would like to study in California, but, in fact, this institution has many campuses. An international student may choose between Texas, Nevada, Virginia, Georgia, Washington, and Florida. This establishment is ranked the second and the twelfth largest privately owned non-profit institutions in the state of California and the US respectively. The university has a very comprehensive and detailed program in marketing and willingly offers places to international students. {t_essay_1}

University of Michigan (UM)

Unlike the previous one, this university is public. In the latest U.S. News & World Report, it is evaluated as the fifth-best school and the second-best college when it comes to marketing. To get admitted to a marketing program in UM is not easy and may be treated as a significant accomplishment for an international student. Besides, in addition to the solid knowledge the university provides, the faculty teaches to succeed in making the first career steps. There are special career services that consult students, assist in compiling a resume, and help in finding the first job using position databases. Another benefit of opting for UM is the city, namely Ann Arbor. It is widely known for football games, numerous music festivals, and diversity in terms of cultures and their cuisines. Once, The New York Times even called this city the best to spend student years in. This place can be characterized as the one where it is simply impossible to get bored owing to the available outdoor activities and young population that will never let the town to stop developing and growing. To sum up, selecting a school to study in is a very pleasing experience that, however, should be treated in a responsible manner. Find out as much as possible about top-rated establishments and the cities where they are located. You will have to study and live nearby this place for several years. Therefore, make sure to select not only a great university but also a comfortable city where you will be able to enjoy your new life.

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