When decided that marketing would be your major, you have made a choice, which you will never regret. You are probably bothered by thousands of questions regarding your future, which now seems uncertain. What subjects should you select? How can you make friends? What to do not to fail? What does it take to manage with marketing degree successfully? Besides, as an international student, you need to adjust not only to a new atmosphere in a college or university but also to another country. It is likely that you are excited and scared at the same time. Fortunately, we can help to cope with these overwhelming feelings and stop worrying about classes, at least. The first thing you should do is to realize how much you achieved when had been admitted and start to be proud of yourself. Remember that only a competitive, creative, smart, and hard-working person could become an international student in the US and choose marketing as a major. The second priority on your list should be the preparation for the degree in marketing and all challenges that may come along with it. Therefore, find out what to expect and plan your first steps into a new life with our tips.

Attend Classes

This piece of advice may seem strange as of now when you are still at home. However, once you are in a college or university, snowed under with different tasks, and tired after a sleepless night, you might be easily persuaded to skip a lecture by own voice in the head or that of your lazy roommate. Do not let it happen. Seriously, do not do it. No matter how many textbooks you will read, you will never learn more from them than from the experience of your professors, who indeed worked in the industry. A book will provide you with theoretical knowledge, but a professor will show how to use them to the own advantage. A teacher will assist in finding a right direction in which you should move in the sphere of marketing. So, just attend classes regularly.

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Use Case Studies

It is frequently said that the best source of knowledge is own mistakes. They help to progress and even benefit from own failures. Thankfully, in marketing, you can learn from not only own mistakes but also those of others by examining case studies. Professors in any marketing-related subject give them to students very often since these tasks develop critical thinking and allow picking up many skills, techniques, methods. A tip here is to read as many case studies as possible and try to memorize the course of actions adopted by different companies in order to learn from their both successful and unsuccessful experiences.

Benefit Twice

At a college or university, you should try to use all opportunities and learn as much as possible to be prepared for moving up your career ladder. When studying marketing, you will find out a lot about four P’s of marketing, effective marketing strategies, their development and implementation, communication techniques to boost sales, as well as the methods of collecting and analyzing data. You see that the range of notions and concepts, which marketing major encompasses, is pretty wide, and they all are related to other business fields, namely public relations, managements, advertising, etc. With regard to this strong connection, international students are advised to be brave and dare to obtain two majors at the same time. In other words, you should try to combine marketing with any major that would naturally complement it, for instance, advertising, and benefit twice from one studying process. The curriculum of both programs is usually similar while credits earned for one of them can be transferred to accomplish another. So, you can study to receive one but eventually gain two degrees. {t_essay_2}

Be a Team-Player

Both at a college or a university and in a workplace, marketing specialist have to work on the projects. They are rarely carried out by a single person and require a strong team, each member of which is ready to contribute. In other words, you should get ready to work with people and be able to both lead and follow if necessary. Moreover, your professor may ask your teammates to assess your participation in a project development. Therefore, you should be patient and tolerant of the ideas and actions of other under any circumstances and indeed help in completing the task. These tips are very simple, and you have probably read nothing new. However, it is their simplicity that makes them so effective. If you go to classes, cooperate with other people, as well as try to take as much knowledge as possible from your professors, their case studies, and educational establishment in general, you will definitely succeed in the sphere of marketing. Each skill gained and every lecture listened to will eventually prove useful beyond the academic setting.

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