There are a lot of catalogs presenting different academic courses. Read the descriptions of majors attentively to understand which course is the best for you. If you consider an educational program in linguistics the most suitable, add it to your list. In case, you are hesitating whether to choose it or not, write down the statements for and against the program. You can also ask your friends’ advice, or search the Internet for some tips. Finally, you will make a right decision on whether linguistics is your area of interest or not. If you are still uncertain, we will help you dispel your doubts.

Do you like dealing with words?

Do you adore reading? You have a rich vocabulary, don’t you? You are keen on discussing the origin of different words and their pronunciation, aren’t you? Dictionaries were your favorite books in childhood, weren’t they? Then, this field of study is right for you. Linguistics studies the peculiarities of different languages. During the course of studies, you will learn about the development and evolution of words. You will undertake research to find out how new words appear and why our vocabulary develops with the speed of sound. A large number of linguists spend much time on:

  • examining a specific language
  • gathering data
  • conducting experiments
  • recording language units
  • exploring new facts about a particular language
  • monitoring the development process of a language

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Are you passionate about studying languages?

You do like watching foreign movies in the original. You find hearing people speaking other languages incredible. You think that speaking foreign languages is an art and it makes you feel exciting. At high school, you studied only one foreign language. Today, in the era of modern technologies, you cannot find appropriate applications that could help you extend your knowledge or learn one more foreign language. Note that not all linguists are polyglots even though some specialists know a few languages. There are many opportunities for those who hold a degree in linguistics and are interested in interpreting, examining various language aspects, translating, and dealing with other language-relating notions. In this case, a job search will not be a painful process for you.

Do you like travelling?

You prefer to save money for other things than the material ones. You enjoy looking through your friends’ photos of trips imagining your own vacations. Though you are not well aware of different schools, your deepest wish is to study abroad. If you want to combine travelling and working abroad, taking a course in ESL (English as a Second Language) is a wonderful chance to reach your goal. It should be known that ESL is one of the branches of linguistics. If you study it, you will be able to teach the English language to no-native speakers. Note that being an expert in the ESL field opens up plenty of job opportunities. You may choose any country and you will see there is a demand for native English-speaking specialists to teach English to students of different age.

Do you like to be the center of attention?

You like analyzing advertisements you have seen on TV or in newspapers, magazines, etc. You like imagining how you would create an advertisement on your own. If you have a degree in linguistics, you will be able to build a career in the mass media, advertising, and public relations industries. Excellent communication skills are essential for the said areas. Therefore, acquiring a sound knowledge in linguistics will help you arouse people’s interest and draw their attention to the issues you are dealing with. {t_essay_2}

Are you a creative person?

You are into reading novels and poetry. The way poets and authors join the words together and create a specific image seems rather engaging to you. You become a great poet or writer as well. It is just necessary to study English in detail, i.e. sentence structure, word building issues, dictionary peculiarities, etc. Linguistics is the afield of study that will give you a possibility to do the things you love and are good at, i.e. write poems or stories on your own. You will be even able to publish your own books.

Are you interested in technologies?

You do not imagine your life without your computer tablet or smartphone. You like looking for new application sand downloading them. Additionally, you enjoy spend time browsing the Internet, creating your social media profiles, reading online books and articles, etc. Do you know that people holding a degree in linguistics are suitable applicants for job positions in the companies specializing in technologies? Linguists know all peculiarities of the communication process. They can analyze why people conduct business negotiations in one way or another. They are also aware of how the mechanism of online communication works. Therefore, they can help customize websites and expand their customer base.

Do you like defending other people?

You like debating different subjects and defending your position on a specific issue. You even have a blog where you discuss the latest news and express your opinion on the controversial matters. You have never depended on anyone, and your family members told that you would become a politician or lawyer. If you obtain a degree in linguistics, you will understand English and all its aspects very well. You will perfect the art of communication which will let you interact with people in a persuading manner. It does not matter where you work, in a political office or courtroom, you will be able to protect people’ rights by pleading their cases and adopting new laws.


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