Professors who give a task to write an art essay or research paper usually subject their student to a double challenge. Apart from actual writing, they have to struggle with finding an appropriate art research paper topic. If one thinks that it is not difficult to select what to write about, he/she is wrong. To find a topic that is researched sufficiently but not too much is a complicated thing to do. If one fails to find such a topic, he/she likely to have no materials to rely on or get a low grade for unoriginality. Luckily, for the frustrated students, our writers, who compose art related papers on a daily basis, decided to help those in need. They compiled the list of topics that are easy to cover and grouped them according to the type of art. At this point, you have two options. First, you may check the most popular art research paper topics and start writing. Second, you may entrust not only selection of the topic but writing the entire paper to our professional writers. Therefore, either keep reading or just place an order and forget about the daunting task.

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Painting as a Topic for a Research Paper

  • Impressionism: A simple art or art for the simple.
  • Can abstract art be decoded?
  • Matisse vs. Picasso: A conceptual comparison.
  • The comparison and contrast of Da Vinci and Rembrandt’s painting techniques.
  • An artist’s idea vs. viewers’ interpretations: Do they ever coincide?
  • Visual appeal of modern French art does not reach the level of French impressionists.
  • Caricatures as the sarcastic representation of contemporary society.
  • Are paintings with nudity tasteless?
  • Who the artists creating horror pictures are.
  • Primates’ art as the evidence of ongoing evolution.

Music Research Paper Topics

  • The effects of rap music on juvenile delinquency.
  • The correlation between one’s personality and favorite genre of music.
  • Musical therapy and its application in modern medicine.
  • Is there correlation between music taste and religion/race?
  • Music choice and related stereotypes.
  • Can Rock and Roll spur people to drug or alcohol usage?
  • Is there connections between rap music and high dropout rate among teens?
  • How are person’s life choices connected with the music he/she listens to?
  • The impact of music on daily performance and moods.
  • Should censorship in rap music be considered the limitations of the freedom of speech?
  • Is there connection between jazz and religion?
  • Modern musicians: Talents or people craving for attention.

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Can Architecture be Your Research?

  • Comparison and contract of ancient Greek and Roman architecture.
  • Connection between popular architecture designs and religion.
  • The elements of ancient architecture in modern designs.
  • Structure reliability vs. aesthetic value: What prevails in modern architecture?
  • How to reach the balance between the attractiveness of a building and its stability?
  • How the standards of modern architecture contribute to preserving architectural heritage.
  • The role of copyright in architecture.
  • The influence of building structure on the territory around the construction.
  • What makes architects renowned, attractiveness of a building or its stability?
  • The role of aesthetics in designing functional buildings.

Sculpture Topics for a Research Paper

  • How to interpret modern abstract sculptures?
  • Are abstract sculptures the pieces of art?
  • The influence of nude sculptures on a viewer’s mind.
  • French and Austrian modern sculpture: The comparison of techniques.
  • Abstract sculptures as the representation of sculptor’s personal experiences.
  • The artistic value of ice sculptures.
  • Is the controversy over The Kiss of Augustine Rodin justified?
  • Realism in the message conveyed by Pieta of Michelangelo.
  • Connection between Dante’s Inferno and Rodin’s The Thinker.
  • Should nude sculptures be considered offensive?
  • Current trends in sculpture.

Performing Arts for a Research

  • Do subtitles make an opera a drama piece?
  • The ways to cry on a stage: The secrets of renowned actors and actresses.
  • Is acting talent always inborn or can be gained through learning?
  • The techniques of involving the audience in a play.
  • Why cinematography is more popular than theater: An aesthetic aspect.
  • Theatrical superstitions: How do they appear and are dealt with?
  • Romance is yet to be overused in the plays.
  • Why it is much easier for the audience to perceive films than plays?
  • The correlation between the topic and audience in a theatrical setting.
  • The place of plastic plays in modern theater.

Getting Curious? Let's Talk Dancing bas a Research Paper Topic!

  • The room for the multitude of interpretations in modern dance usually leaves the audience confused.
  • The assessment of salsa performances.
  • What can demonstrate the actual skills of a dancer, choreographed performance or freestyle?
  • The influence of costumes on the perception of dance.
  • Should the classic ballet incorporate the elements of modern dance?
  • The correlation between the relationships of a dancing couple and the quality of dance.
  • The role of theatrical skills and acting abilities in dancing.

It Get's Even Better! Culinary Arts as Research!

  • How do cooking skills impact eating habits?
  • The element of Italian cuisine in modern French culinary arts.
  • Hands-on trained chefs reach success more often than people who pursued major in culinary arts.
  • How to find a balance between usefulness and taste.
  • Techniques of making healthy eating more popular.
  • The characteristics of Thai food.
  • The techniques to make the dishes cooked using oil more healthy.
  • Being an expert in one cuisine is insufficient to become a famous chef these days.
  • Jamie Oliver is more skilled than Gordon Ramsey.
  • Should the classic recipes be renovated?

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