Create an Excellent Compare and Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay is a type of academic writing assignments that you will encounter almost in every subject, no matter what major you choose. This essay requires you to compare and contrast two objects, whereas there is a need to present a clear road map to your argumentation. Usually the most difficult step is the creation of thesis statement that should reflect all your arguments in a clear manner. Please find below useful hints that will help you cope with comparative essay writing with ease.

Step 1

If you do not know how to write a compare and contrast essay, you can begin with the thesis statement. However, you should know for sure which 2 things you would like to discuss. Usually professors give specific instructions, where you can find an answer to this question. Moreover, slight deviations from professor’s examples are also possible, which will prove that you are ready to explore more complex topics. Very often students compare types of food, furniture, cars, emotions, personalities, books, etc. If the choice is up to you, do not take 2 objects that you know nothing about because you will have to conduct outside research to learn more about them.

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Step 2

The most effective way to generate ideas for a compare and contrast essay is to apply brainstorming techniques. Simply sit down and take a pencil. Think about 2 objects that you would like to compare. For instance, you want to compare football and soccer. You can compare the time frames (15 minute quarters for American football and 45 minutes for soccer); number of players (11 in both games); major league (National Football League for American football and Barclay’s Premier League for soccer); countries where these games are played. It is just a small list of what you can write during brainstorming. If you chose more complex topics, you will have to surf the net to find some additional details for your essay. However, you will have to cite borrowed ideas.

Step 3

If you do not know how to organize ideas in the paper, do not hesitate to have a look at compare and contrast essay example on any online writing lab. If your objects have too many differences and similarities, you have to prioritize them and choose only the most essential ones. Usually essay writing takes no more than 2-4 pages, which means that you will have to squeeze your ideas on paper. Make sure that you present only a few comparison items, so that your essay does not look like a mix of ideas.

Step 4

Check if information in the main body relates to your thesis. Sometimes students go off the track and forget about the primary purpose of writing. Your task is not to discuss every element to the smallest details and show how you perceive it, but present an effective comparison and contrast. Find some cognitive compare contrast essay topics on the web that might guide you in the right direction.

Step 5

Do not underestimate the importance of proofreading, no matter how difficult it might be. Usually students do not see their mistakes because of ignorance of grammar and formatting rules. Ask your classmates or parents to have a look at your paper, which will definitely bring good results in the end.

The essay is one of my favourite forms of writing, and I feel like what's inside is really personal, more so than with shorter pieces.
- Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Great Compare and Contrast Essay Sample

Compare and Contrast Philosophies – Marxism and Pragmatism with Their Metaphysics and Epistemology

Pragmatism has received lots of criticizing and said to be one of philosophies of relativists. This philosophy is said to be associated with postmodernism closely. However, pragmatism is somehow different from the postmodernism in some vital ways. This philosophy views truth as to be contingent in its applicability of some theory, point of view and proposition.

The proposition I present here is not full on the side of pragmatism, it is metaphysical pragmatism. In a much simple language, I mean that the utility notion of a particular stance concerning metaphysical questions have the determination of the true value. What it means is not something like saying that the sun is made of boiling liquids, has a rest on the statement usefulness, as this is not a question of metaphysics. It is an empirical statement

Then, questions such as whether we have freewill or whether there is objective morality are said to be metaphysical concerns, which can be handled and resolved via the pragmatism. Marxists have no concern with metaphysics. What they only do is presuppose external world material, which is determined by historical process. These philosophies do not contradict each other. Pragmatism is useful in disseminating the principles of Marxism.

One important thing worth noting is that Marxists made a difference between practice and theory, but Pragmatists did not have such a distinction. Philosophers have given up the differences between reality and appearance, practice and theory, action and knowledge, value and fact. This enables them to see via the traditionally posed problems.

Marxism epistemology has faith in the ultimate reality as depicted by science and has total rejection of religious believes. Perception, according to Marxists, gives the true image of things avoiding fallacies. Pragmatic epistemological approach has emphasis on theory justification and concepts by examining their results, goals, interests and values they support.

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Good Ideas for Compare and Contrast Essays

We have broken the topics into several groups so that you do not encounter any difficulties in choosing a subject for your piece of writing. The list presented below begins with the most popular topics. The following categories also include good ideas for compare and contrast essays.

  1. School and University Education: What is the Difference?
  2. Employed and Unemployed Students: Who Becomes more Successful?
  3. Review versus synopsis: which One is more Complicated?
  4. Contrasting British and American English
  5. Employment and Education: Highlighting Similar Features
  6. TOEFL and SAT: Similar and Different Points
  7. MA and PhD Degrees: What is the Difference?
  8. Argumentative Papers versus the Persuasive Ones: Aren’t They Similar?
  9. Traditional Education versus Home Schooling

Subjects Relating to History and Politics

  • Comparing Washington’s and Lincoln's Doctrines
  • Baroque and Renaissance: Underlining the Key Difference
  • Connection between Religious Studies and Anthropology
  • Soviet Union and the USA: Comparing the Governing Models
  • The Prime Minister versus the President: Whose Work is more Challenging?
  • The Consequences of the Civil War in America
  • Difference between the Reign of King Louis XIV and Henry VIII
  • Is Nazism Similar to Fascism?
  • Comparing the World War I with the World War II

Great Topics for Freshmen

  1. Contrast a Cucumber with a Zucchini
  2. Night versus Day: which Time Period is Better?
  3. What Differs People from Animals?
  4. Poverty versus Wealth
  5. Tea and Coffee: Pros and Cons of Each of Them
  6. Life in a City versus That in a Village
  7. Sadness versus Happiness
  8. Traditional Cuisine: Americans versus the British
  9. Hiking or Sea Voyage?

Comparing Contradictory Issues

  1. Men and Women
  2. Soda versus Juice
  3. Wine: Dry versus Sweet
  4. War and Peace: Comparing the Lives of People in Both States
  5. Bike or Rollerblades
  6. Passion and Revenge
  7. Overwork: Positive and Negative Aspects
  8. Rain and Sun
  9. Electronic Toys and the Soft Ones: which Item to Choose?

Good Ideas for Compare and Contrast Essays for Teenagers

  1. Being a Child versus Being an Adult
  2. Comparing Life on Campus and at Home
  3. Books or Movies: Highlighting Teens’ Preferences
  4. Office Work or Freelance
  5. Scientific Writing versus the Academic One
  6. Radio Programs versus TV Shows: which One Is more Popular?
  7. Receiving Education or Building a Career: What Is more Troublesome?
  8. Similar and Opposing Points between Roman and Greek Culture
  9. Comparing Humanities and Sciences

Themes Relating to IT and Social Networks

  1. Electronic Mail or the Traditional One
  2. E-commerce versus the Traditional One
  3. Real-Life Dating versus Online Relationship
  4. Games: Computer or Video
  5. USA Today or Chicago Tribune: which One to Choose?
  6. Instagram or Facebook: what Social Network is more Engaging for Users?
  7. Job Search: Traditional or Online
  8. Online Editing versus the Traditional One
  9. Which Item is more Advantageous: Traditional or Online Marketing?

Scientific Topics

  • Grill or Electric Oven
  • Biology versus Anatomy
  • Our Universe: Browsing the Space
  • Difference between Mars and the Earth
  • Difference between the First and Second Missions to the Moon
  • DaVinci and Jefferson: Whose Inventions Weigh More?
  • Flood or Hurricane: which One is Worse?
  • Means of Providing Limited and Full Navigation Access: which One Is Better?
  • Comparing Two Different Chemical Elements

Attractive Compare and Contrast Themes

  • Volleyball versus Basketball
  • Italian versus French
  • Personal Opinion versus the Public One
  • Water and Tea
  • Champaign versus Brandy: which Is more Popular?
  • Bulimia and Anorexia: which Disorder Is more Dangerous?
  • Being Single or Being Married: Advantages and Disadvantages of Both States
  • Chrome or Mozila, Paid Internet Tools or the Free Ones
  • Socialism versus Capitalism

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