Safe Driving Essay

Seat Belts and Safety

Many Americans die in car accidents. The biggest amount of Americans killed in car accidents is among those who are under the age of 35. These people are the most vulnerable to dangers on the road because they often speed and disregard important safety rules.

One of such rules is wearing a seat belt while driving. Many people think it does not matter that much, but wearing a seat belt is crucial for safety because it actually saves lives. Seat belts are designed to protect people from different types of dangers. Wearing seat belts is important for safety because it protects people in various ways. First of all, it restrains body from serious injuries. Those who wear seat belts are more likely to be protected in serious accidents because seat belts can protect them from being hurt. For example, seat belts protect hips and shoulders which is very important. Wearing a seat belt is beneficial for safety because it prevents people from being thrown out of the car in case of an incident. For example, there are many incidents when people are thrown from the vehicles. It may cause further damage and even lethal outcomes. Hence, seat belts prevent from such things to happen.

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People get thrown out of the cars because they do not wear seat belts, and in such situations, their chances of survival decrease greatly comparing to those who wear seatbelts. There are people who state that it is better to be thrown out of the car in incidents, but statistics show that such a view is not right because staying in the car is more secure. Seat belts also spread the force against the human body during incidents. It means that thanks to the seatbelts, different parts of the human body are affected the same. It prevents a certain part of the human body to be affected more than others. This way, a person will not be injured seriously because the force is spread equally.

Another argument which shows that wearing seat belts is good for one’s safety is the fact that seat belts protect the head and upper body in such a way as keep them away from the hard interior parts inside the car which may hit the person badly whenever a car stops unexpectedly and quickly, or in case of an incident. Seat belts slow a person down. It means that they slow down the body movement during incidents or fast movements within a car. For example, during an incident, there may be many sudden movements, but the seat belt stops them and secures the person from deadly injuries. Seat belt protects two main parts of the body: the brain and the spinal cord. It prevents the head from serious injuries which is crucial for safety. Hence, one can see that wearing seat belt is very important for safety. It protects different parts of the human body as well as saves the person from serious injuries during accidents. It is also important to add that wearing a seat belt is important even when the person is driving slowly, and one may see no visible signs of danger. Seat belts are the safety tools which help people and safe them from deaths in many incidents.

One can also add that wearing a seat belt is a must according to the laws of the most of the American states. Hence, it is something that people have to do because the law requires them to wear seat belts. People often disregard seat belts and belittle their positive effects. They also speak about dangers of wearing a seat belt. It is true that in some cases, seat belts may have rather negative effects. Nevertheless, in most cases, their usage is positive. Seat belts do what they were created to do: they protect people and increase safety while driving. Hence, it is important to wear them. People have to do in the right way in order to protect themselves. This is one of the main things when it comes to safe driving.

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