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Before Coming to a doctor’s appointment can be a very stressful event. Especially if the person requires getting some tests done, or submit a sample for laboratory testing. The waiting might become the longest period of time. Even though medical assistants mainly perform routine tasks, they require as much preparation and attention to the patients, as the doctor’s job. It is important to inform the patient about the conditions of the sample submitting and what is required to do, or not to do. It is clear that one has to describe the procedure to the fullest, and describe all the possible outcomes.


The procedure of taking a sample has to be pursued step by step. All the necessary instruments have to be clean, and layed out on the table in the order of need. The medical assistant has to describe what one is about to do and what is one trying to achieve, before the actual action. One has to remember to wear protection while taking samples.

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After the samples have been taken, the patient is to be announced that the procedure has ended. The instruments are to be gathered and covered and prepared to be taken away. The samples have to be laybled in order to be prepared to be transported to the laboratory for further tests. After taking off the protections (mask and rubber gloves) the medical assistant has to reassure the patient that everything is alright, and predict the time limits of when the tests will be ready. The assistant also has to describe the further procedures as well. In addition, the assistant has to be nice to the patients and have friendly attitude towards the patients at all times, trying to comfort or calm down one in case if it is needed. What is more, it is possible that the procedure can lead to an unexpected course. Therefore, the assistant has to be always prepared and ready for alternative courses of behavior.

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