You have taken time to browse our website and read about our services. We thank you for being sufficiently interested to do this. The first and foremost priority for our administrators is making sure every customer’s personal data is kept in a secure and confidential environment and, consequently, they take every reasonable measure to protect your data from harm. The following is a summary of the type of data our server collects and what purpose it is used for. We essentially collect information about everyone who visits our website, including our customers. The only people who are given access to this data are members of our team and we do not, under any circumstances, sell, publish, share or distribute information to third (i.e. external) parties. The reason we collect this data is to help us understand visitor behavior such as the time people access our site, and what technologies they use in terms of browsers and operating systems. Obviously, data of this nature will not lead to the disclosure of your identity. Members of our team use collected data primarily to:

  • Customize and improve the content we publish on our website
  • Fine-tune this content so that it is current and relevant
  • Improve the presentation and layout of the various information and materials we offer

Why Do We Use Cookies?

We mainly use cookies on our website to:

  • Improve navigation
  • Collect valuable information on site usage.

What Type of Personal Information Do We Need?

When users reach the point of registering on our website, they are required to provide their names, telephone numbers and email addresses. Once we have received this information, we use it merely to complete and deliver orders. For example, there are times when customers neglect to attach important order information and we may need to ask them for clarification or one of our team may need a customer to approve some part of an order before they can go forward. This is why you need to be entirely sure the details you provide are up-to-date and accurate so that we can assist you in a satisfactory and speedy manner.

Secure Payment Systems

We use the most secure and trustworthy payment systems available to safeguard sensitive data e.g.  billing and/or credit card information. We also verify customer identification to avoid various scams and Internet fraud.

Clients’ Rights

Our representatives will replace, remove or correct your personal details as required – you simply need to contact them.

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