Comparing and Contrasting

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to live in the United States of American when you are an immigrant? Every year, hundreds of thousands of people across the world migrates to American where they settle in a nation with different culture and behaviors compared to those in their home country. read more >>

Systems of Government in India and the USA

The way of governing a country varies all over the world. Some countries have democratic regimes, while others use despotic means of ruling their citizens. read more >>

The Haitian Revolution

"Defending freedom is an universal and inalienable right". Unfortunately, the history has examples when freedom could be gained only through the revolution or rebellion. Revolution is an important change in the organizational structures. read more >>

Tort of Negligence

Negligence makes reference to the failure of an individual to apply reasonable care that leads to harm, injury, or loss to another party. In this regard, this comes about as a consequence of carelessness and disregard on the part of the individual that is found to be negligent. read more >>


Memory is a vital part of human existence. It enables people to gain new necessary experience, keep their knowledge, and use the previously stored material if they need it. read more >>

What Causes Teenagers to Become Criminals

Juvenile delinquency is a phenomenon that has many edges. It means that it cannot be known by studying only few factors or... read more >>