We want to assure our clients that all their personal information is collected and used properly. That is why we have created a transparent cookie policy explaining how we use cookies, what methods help us control them, and, of course, the purpose of cookies.

Cookies: Essential Information

“Cookies” are the small text files that are sent by our service to the laptops of the clients, their smartphones, or other gadgets. These files are unique for every user since every customer uses different browsers and web resources. Cookies can be collected only when the clients work in their browsers. When the session is over and the browser is switched off, the cookies are deleted automatically. Pay attention that some cookies can be deleted only manually by the client.

How Does Our Agency Use Cookies?

Some cookies are connected with the customers` login credentials, accounts, and even the products they purchase. Other cookies are sent separately as they are not related to any of the items mentioned above. Regardless of the type, all cookies are original and help our company gather the data about our users in order to make our cooperation more fruitful and convenient. One more purpose of cookies is to recognize the clients using our services, understand their needs and preferences, and provide them with the offers related to their potential needs. Moreover, due to the use of cookies, we managed to make our communication with the customers safer and more convenient.

How We Use Cookies for Promoting Different Products?

You need to know that cookies, as well as additional technological things, help us establish a good relationship with all our customers and advertise our services. In addition, such an approach is very useful in obtaining research results, statistical data, and other pieces of information that can be useful for the successful development of our company.

What If the Customer Is Against Collecting Cookies?

We highly respect the rights of all our clients. Therefore, all our clients have the opportunity to deny cookies. Many browsers enable their users to manage such files and, therefore, satisfy their needs. As such, when using particular software, each client may set own preferences for each web resource visited. The guidelines given below will help you manage the use of cookies for every particular browser.

Internet Explorer




Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox




Android Browser


If you are using other software, you need to address the instruction provided by the manufacturer. Those, who surf different web sources may not follow the cookie policies established on a particular webpage suggested by the third party, for example, Google Analytics. What is more, they can use the targeting tools focused mainly on the users` demands, which is possible due to the advertising servers-participants with the help of the DAA. When utilizing the gadgets based on Android or any other system, users can change their settings in order to check whether they can see the ads related to their preferences.

Please note that in case the user decides to restrict the webpage capacity for setting cookies, he or she may skip the attractive advertisements or the interesting services that will be fully customized to their needs. In addition, they may miss the opportunity to save some settings, which significantly facilitate the cooperation with the company, i.e. automatic logging in, etc.

Important Information about Cookies


The cookies help our company organize various marketing campaigns and control their results (for instance, a client has decided to place an order after visiting our website).


If the customers enter their personal accounts on the website, cookies help our team present them the products they are most probably interested in.

Privacy and Security

We use cookies in order to guarantee our customers total confidentiality by identifying their activity.

Research and Analysis

Due to the use of cookie files, we are able to find out whether our website is customer-friendly and easy to surf. Moreover, cookies enable us to improve our services, products, and features, making cooperation with our professional team even more convenient. Finally, by collecting cookies, we are able to customize our website in accordance with the needs of those accessing it from various devices, e.g. laptops, mobile phones, etc.

Preferences and Services

Cookies help our service identify the language that is preferable to our customers and offer customized products to them.