Some modern scholars claim that human consciousness could exist after ceasing the brain function. They have made a series of research to conclude that the human conscious could transform into another state and leave the human body. In this connection, they gave some evidence from individuals, who had survived clinical deaths. It proved the existence of the soul as the integral part of a human being. As a matter of fact, the human consciousness is the part of the soul and the researchers dealt with it. Thus, the soul was leaving the body at the moment of the death of the human being. It changes the whole notion of life, its sense, and purpose. Therefore, it is no use being afraid of death because it is inevitable stage in our life. A human being will lose the body but the soul is immortal.

Each individual is afraid of death. It is normal because nobody knows what will happen after it. Therefore, death is the major mystery of the human civilization. Many philosophers of various periods of the development of the world’s human society dedicated their works to this issue, arguing that any human being could not pass into nothingness after the death. They attracted attention to soul, which was leaving the human body at the moment of the death. This idea became a crucial point of all religions, but atheists rejected it after the emergence of Darwinism. It put in doubt the Christian doctrine of the emergence of the humanity on the Earth and the existence of the soul in a human body. Therefore, a human life became an uncertain affair, in which an individual became equal to an animal remained only cubs and disappeared forever after the death. It destroyed the whole idea of the purpose and the sense of the life, and the high calling of the humanity. Therefore, the human life on the Earth was turning into a temporary affair with the dead end. Thus, the materialists enforced the uncertainty of life, which led to depression, crimes, and suicides because nobody was afraid of the justice of Heaven for the deeds on the Earth.

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In Lesson Seven, Author explains the essence of consciousness as an integral part of a human inner ego. Thus, a human being develops the mental activity during the whole life. Human brain plays a crucial role in it, producing mind, which develops consciousness. Therefore, all human physical and mental activities depend on the mind, which determines the further life of the certain individual, his successes or failures, achievements or losses. At the same time, such a category as destiny is present in a human life and nobody can get rid of it. Therefore, sometimes one cannot explain why the certain decision or choice was made at the certain circumstances. Nevertheless, the modern scholars recognize the existence of consciousness, which impacts on decisions of individuals, but nobody knew where it goes away after the human death. It was a major contradiction between religion and the modern science based on the Darwin theory of the world’s development. Thus, the materialists claim that human mind and consciousness will die with a human body. They reject the existence of soul because nobody could see it, but the materialists consider mind as a special form of matter, which will disappear without a trace after the human death.

Christianity and other religions attract more attention to soul as an integral part of a human being. According to religion, soul includes mind or consciousness. After the death, it leaves a human body. Just the soul will be accountable to the justice of Heaven for all evil deeds and sins of the certain individual. This idea changes the whole general notion of the human civilization and its purposes in the world. Therefore, each individual should observe all moral virtues described in the Holy Scripture for the hope to have a better fate after the death. Religion became a major moral code for the humanity. All major religions teach individuals how to live without sins and evils. Therefore, the major task of the human civilization is to find all general moral virtues in Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism to unite the world, eliminating any religion fundamentalism and terrorism. This is the single way for the humanity to survive by the peaceful coexistence. In this case, the major common virtue of “not to kill” has a special significance. 

In favor of the existence of the soul, Author gives examples of the evidences of the survived clinical deaths patients in Lesson Seven. Thus, they could see what happened in other rooms, when they were unconsciousness, how they saw a sort of a tunnel with a spot of light, and how they saw all their life at a short moment while dying. All of them were not afraid of death after it. At the same time, some of them saw light in front of them and a merge, which they could not cross. Of course, their bodies were in hospitals, but Author recognized it was their conscious or mind, which could saw such scenes. Moreover, conscious was transforming into another state during the clinical death. Fortunately, the patients survived and their consciousnesses returned back, but they kept in mind what they had seen. I consider that their stories were vivid examples of the existence of soul, which leaves a human body at the moment of the death. Moreover, it was their destiny not to die at the time of their clinic deaths. Of course, they could not change the course of events, but they could survive only for the God’s will.

In Lesson Eight, Author states that the modern science could not research consciousness because there was not any instrument to do it. At the same time, stories of the patients were not their fictions. Thus, only the existence of soul can explain all phenomena described by the patients. In this connection, the humanity should change its attitude to euthanasia giving the right to terminally ill patients to choose death for liberating them from sufferings. At the same time, there is a problem in it, which contradicts to the major religious virtue, “not to kill.” From the one hand, nobody has the right to kill human beings because it will be a crime, and from the other hand, only death can help terminally ill patients get rid of their sufferings. Taking into the consideration that soul exists and it will transform into another state at the moment of the death, one should recognize that in this case, it will not a crime to help patients relieve from their sufferings. Of course, it will be made according to laws and under the claim of a patient. 

In Lessons Seven and Eight, Author proves the soul to exist. Unfortunately, the modern science cannot research how soul leaves a human body at the moment of the death, and into what state it transforms. At the same time, soul is the vey condition to explain the purpose and the sense of the life on the Earth. Therefore, each individual should observe all moral virtues of the Holy Scripture, develop the self-help for overcoming vices, and help his neighbor. Of course, the sense of life is in love, which helps to survive in this terrible and cruel world.

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