Health Care for African Americans

The black community’s population in America has been on the rise and has managed to dominate key sectors of the country. The protection of African-Americans identity in the United States is a controversial debate. The American constitution is inclusive of people from diverse races, religions and beliefs among others. What is the story behind the-African Americans in United States?

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In my experience, African-Americans identity is encompassed around racism. Since the late 60s, the black people in America have been segregated and viewed as inferior. These belief lives on till today. Music derived from the black community in the states was viewed as a liberation struggle against discrimination. Music culture forms a forum for the blacks representation in the States and as well as the economy at large. The African-American identity is not relative to their political approach, but on contribution to the economy. I discovered that the blacks in the America have undergone cruelty from the whites that has evolved over the years, and affected several generations. Critics have cited that hip hop is dominated by the blacks in America encourages violence amongst children. Unfortunately, this begs the question, how are blacks supposed to express themselves when their culture is deemed violent?

Stereotyping has greatly affected the African-American boys to the extent of poor performance in schools. I realised that the black boys do not necessarily feel accepted as opposed to their female counterparts. As a way of striving for recognition, they indulge into gangs that significantly affect their education. On the other hand, black ladies are not judged in the event of anger while males are highly criticized. These stereotyping encourage a certain gender to act upon judgements, hence threat the interaction. Discrimination reinforces the self-esteem battle and increases the risk of heightened tension between the whites and blacks.

I think that the African American community have faced inequalities whenever they seek health care services. The men are particularly highlighted on the basis of risks associated with prostate cancer and HIV/AIDS. The discriminatory decisions revolving around health care reduces the quality of medical care offered to black men. As opposed to their white counterparts, the African-Americans have been used as research subjects to study diseases syphilis. Subsequently, it has been done by withholding treatment to them and monitoring the progression of the disease. The effects of HIV/AIDS are related to the both racism and poverty among the blacks. I believe that the Afro-Americans society has been used unethically in clinical trials. Moreover, most blacks believe that AIDS is a project annealed by United States government to reduce their population.

Finally, I would recommend that the African-American was considered as an equal party of the American population. Strict penalties imposed on clinicians who segregate their client on the basis of race discourage such professionals. The discriminatory health care service offered to the blacks amounts to the violation of their human rights. There is a need to involve the blacks in key sectors of the economy to reduce stereotyping. The policy makers should come up with stringent measures to ensure equal treatment to all patients.

In addition, stereotyping creates division among gender and ethnic communities. I recommend the imposition of rules to safeguard against negative emotions that may result in violence. A distinct line is drawn between experience and expression of emotion enhances coexistence. The identity of blacks is encouraged by giving them a platform to be heard. Their genre music needed no condemnation but applauded. Human rights are vital for any community progress.

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