Human Factors Safety Issues in Aviation

Plane crash has remained a global challenge for centuries. In fact, the occurrence of such accidents leads to fatal death. For example, the Gulfstream III, N303GA crash of 2001 claimed the lives of eighteen people. read more >>

Smith’s Murderer

The article entitled “Reference and Definite Descriptions” by Keith S. Donnellan questions the existing theories of definite descriptions that are the most widely used and commonly references, i.e. those by Strawson and Russell, and offers a novel view on the concept. read more >>

The Dialectics of Human and Inhuman in Technofutural Utopia of Star Trek

The interaction of human and artificial intelligence was one of the main themes in science fiction at the second half of the 20th century, using real scientific discoveries in physics, medicine, and genetic engineering. read more >>

The US Constitution – Democratic or Not

The US Constitution was undoubtedly an epochal document, the first written constitution in the history of humankind. Adopted in time when most of the world was dominated by the monarchical form of government, the Constitution was the of thorough and comprehensive work of the most prominent thinkers. read more >>

Global Health, Poverty and Development

The article under consideration is headlined “Behavioral Economics: The Key to Closing the Gap on Maternal, Newborn and Child Survival for Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5?” It has been written by... read more >>

PSY and BoA: K-pop Compare and Contrast Analysis

The rise of the popularity of the K-pop music style in the global arena is measured by the success of Korean popular music singers, composers, record producers, song writers and show dancers that... read more >>