Coppola’s Authoritative Voice in The Godfather I & II

Even though directorial input is believed to be a necessary element of any masterpiece, critics occasionally argue that films are “a collaborative enterprise” and “the composition of a film unit … determines the personality of the end product”. read more >>

Exceptional Children

For each parent, his child is an exclusive, very special, not like the others. However, there are mothers and fathers, who would give everything for making their babies the most common. In the world, there are a great number of disabled children and a lot of kids with certain severe disabilities. read more >>

From Ancient Liberality to Medieval Monastic Life

Every epoch differs in its history, customs, values, art, culture, and perception of the world. Architecture becomes one of the characteristic and most prominent features of a certain historic period since it reflects the lifestyle, beliefs, interests, and intentions of people. read more >>

History of China

Chiang Kai-shek, named Chinese Bonaparte in modern history, was the leader of China during 1927-1949. He had highly ambitious and determined character. Even though Chiang Kai-shek had never been a brilliant militant, he possessed a certain military talent and charisma. read more >>

Holland’s Theory of Career Choice

The problem of career choice has become particularly relevant nowadays, against the background of the diversification of labor and workforce migration. As a result, people often face it due to the influence of internal and external factors. read more >>

Horrors of Armenian Genocide

The world community has witnessed nearly a dozen of instances when nationalism and racism led to unanticipated outbursts of violence against the discriminated groups of population over the last hundred years. read more >>