Graphic Design Essay Topics

Undoubtedly, being a graphic design student, you need to complete multiple assignments. Some students reasonably consider selecting interesting topics about design as a very challenging step. No wonder, such a topic should be intriguing both to the writer and his/her potential reader. Moreover, this topic should be relevant to the specific discipline and include important details. If you are not sure what topic to choose, we suggest you look through our list of graphic design essay topics that will help you understand what subjects in a design area are worth discussion.

Have a look at the most interesting graphic design essay topics:

  1. Discuss the origins of digital art evolution.
  2. Address the current issues in online gaming trends and multimedia design.
  3. Graphic design and print publications: do we have the right to judge the book by its cover?
  4. Discuss the key events in the history of graphic design in the 20th century.
  5. Critically analyze the contribution of design artists in times of war.
  6. Evaluate the role of computer technologies in the evolution of design.
  7. Discuss the biographies of influential graphic designers emphasizing their contribution to the industry.
  8. Design as an art of using text as images.
  9. Discuss the application of color theory
  10. Logos and organizational branding: key aspects.
  11. Album cover art as a graphic design trend.
  12. They say, “Graphic design is about telling stories without words.” Do you agree with this claim? Explain your position.
  13. Discuss the current issues in advertising and graphic design.
  14. The influence of color TV on graphic design.
  15. The contemporary street art: address the controversies about it.
  16. Web animation and its characteristics.
  17. Discuss set creation and graphic design in Broadway productions.
  18. Common design expectations of the contemporary culture.
  19. The work of William Addison Dwiggins within the scope of twentieth-century graphic design.
  20. Environmental sustainability and graphic design.
  21. What would you suggest to the person, who cannot find any design work?
  22. How to build a website? Discuss the critical steps.
  23. Create a short guide on how to run a successful small business.
  24. What are the instruments for finding new clients?
  25. How to turn a static website into a dynamic content management system?
  26. Discuss how to create a logo in Illustrator?
  27. What are the mistakes made by designers? How one can avoid them?
  28. Discuss the graphic design and the new media.
  29. Graphic design as a perfect instrument enabling to enhance meaning through visual imaging
  30. Aesthetics versus function. What would you choose?
  31. Make a critical analysis of subliminal messages in an advertisement.
  32. Social reaction to street art.
  33. Discuss the use of space themes in design aesthetics.
  34. Discuss the lessons of transformational leadership from the talented art directors.
  35. Organizational branding and design: key themes and motifs.
  36. Discuss the significance of visual communication tools.
  37. The key techniques and principles of typeset.
  38. Dealing with clients and facilitating pro-active feedback as an integral part of the commercial design.
  39. Discuss the relation of modern cinema and design.
  40. Analyze the importance of art lessons for future designers.
  41. Address the decline of desktop publishing. Give the examples.
  42. The use of the pen tool in Photoshop. Key benefits and shortcomings.
  43. What are the attributes of successful designers? Discuss in detail.
  44. How to make a design in a user-friendly form?
  45. Should the new designers charge their clients equally with the experienced ones?
  46. How to avoid procrastination and finish all projects on time?
  47. How to use all the benefits of HTML5 or CSS3?
  48. Designing a Facebook landing page. A few points to consider.
  49. Discuss the effectiveness of the design platforms.
  50. How to select good colors and fonts that will fit the brand perfectly?
  51. How to become a great designer?
  52. Discuss the peculiarities of various design processes.
  53. What role does design play in marketing efforts?
  54. Suggest statistical improvements for the companies and organizations, who have solid logos, brands, and design styles?
  55. When does the company need rebranding?
  56. Giving honest feedback without frustrating a designer. Effective secrets.
  57. How to understand that the company needs a new logo?
  58. Common mistakes made by designers.
  59. How to help the designer create a wonderful product?
  60. Hiring a part-time designer: benefits and shortcomings.
  61. What is the role of the target audience in design creating?
  62. What are the essential attributes of a good designer/client relationship?
  63. What are the steps for the integration of the brand design into all aspects of the company?
  64. Discuss the differences and similarities of the static and dynamic websites.
  65. The common software tools used in graphic design.

We do hope that our graphic design essay topics will help you create a wonderful essay. Just choose the one, make a good research, and write a brilliant paper!

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