Reasons to study hospitality management

One of the best places for an international student who aspire to delve in hospitality management is the US. Most top-ranked hotels chains are either founded or represented here, which is almost a guarantee for decent employment upon graduation. Such giants as Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott have their headquarters in the US and obviously prefer recruiting those who have obtained a degree at the American university to those who has studied elsewhere. The reason for such a tendency is that local educational institutions offer a range of comprehensive courses that will help you cope with any challenges in a career in the field of hospitality management. Hospitality management is about organizing employees and allocating resources within a restaurant or tourism industry with an aim to get the most out of the facilities. Corresponding education will provide you with the skills and abilities to work in a variety of different locations, including hotels, airlines, and cruise ships. Because of such a great number of opportunities, every year a large numbers of international students come to the US to major in hospitality management.

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In addition, this industry is connected with tourism to a great extent. It would not function without people who travel. In 2010, a number of those who visited the US is around a hundred million and, as the studies reveal, there will be more and more visitors each year. Consequently, although job opportunities are ample even these days, their number will only increase due to the high demand for new employees holding a degree in hospitality management. In fact, in 2021, over 69 million people will work in the industry of tourism. Most of these positions will be available in such emerging markets as Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. That is why these days are the best time for an international student to major in management of hotels and restaurants as well as get ready to the bright future. In the US, there is a wide range of educational establishments where you can obtain a degree in hospitality management. International students can study at Bachelor or Master’s levels in a university or college. Moreover, you can gain a degree of associate in a college that has hospitality management courses. The first option takes from up to 5 years along with 2 years necessary to get a master’s degree. Nevertheless, the length of studies may be longer depending on the number of courses a specific program offers. The second option, on the other hand, enables you to receive a degree in 2 years only. Keep in mind that if you are willing to possess a hotel or a restaurant, an associate’s degree is the most suitable for you. Nevertheless, if your goal is to work on a position of manager in a large hotel chain, a university degree will make the process of finding a job a lot easier. The US has long been one of the best places for studying hospitality management for an international student due to the high rankings of local schools. New York-based Cornell University, for instance, which is a member of the famous Ivy League, offers a program on hospitality management for its students. Founded in 1922, the hospitality management department has the most prestigious program available in the US and remains an exemplary educational institution even today. If you decide to study at this university, your classmates are likely to be future leaders in the field. Such education will help you to be hired by the largest companies in the industry. Other prominent universities, which can prepare you for a career in hospitality management, are University of Massachusetts Amherst, Fairleigh Dickinson University, and Georgia State University. Additionally, Bachelor’s degrees can be obtained online at such schools as the University of Phoenix, the Art Institute, and Sullivan University. This option gives you additional mobility and ability to start working while still studying. {t_essay_1} The US is the perfect place for you to become a professional in hospitality management not only because of the high rankings of its colleges and universities but also due to the great career prospects, which will be open to you after you gain your degree. Receiving a hospitality management degree from the US school means that you will be able to work at hundreds of different locations throughout the world and switch from one career to another easily. In addition, the US is the home for a number of leaders of the market that are waiting to recruit you as soon as you graduate from a university.


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