Unlike other fields such as engineering or business administration, philosophy is a vague and confusing discipline. However, it is always a good idea to enroll in a philosophy course. International students will find plenty of schools in the US, which offer comprehensive philosophy courses and programs. However, the best are typically located in the north.

How to choose a good philosophy program or school

You will find a great deal of schools and programs that offer opportunities for studying philosophy in the US. You will be able to find a school that best suits your interests and preferences in terms of location, program quality, and degree level. The good news is that, no matter where in the US you want to reside, you will be able to find a good philosophy program not far from your residence. So, there is nothing to worry about when you are looking for philosophy studies in the US. However, if you still want to get the best of the best for yourself, it is better to look for a brilliant philosophy program somewhere in the north of the US. It is in the north that the most outstanding philosophy schools are located, and they are scattered at a reasonable distance from each other. Ask yourself, "where to study philosophy?", and the answer will come quickly. Look deeper into your needs and strivings. However, do not forget that the popularity of philosophy programs in the US continues to increase, and you may find it more difficult to compete for limited funding opportunities in these studies.

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Begin with New York. This has proved to be the most favorable place for philosophy learners. SUNY Brockport and New York University are some of the best places for any international student who wants to study philosophy. New York is home to the greatest philosophy programs in the U.S. It is the best place for an international student, who is serious about graduating with a philosophy degree and wants to be in closer touch with the most prominent and recognized professionals in this field. If you are still in doubts, see what the Philosophical Gourmet report offers. You will also find many philosophy schools located not far from NYU. SUNY Brockport is on of them. It has proved to be particularly successful in providing philosophic knowledge and opportunities for growth among international students. Its brilliant and experienced faculty staff will give you a competitive edge in your philosophy studies. You may also want to consider Rutgers University and Princeton University. These are just some of the many schools that invest serious resources in maintaining serious philosophic faculties and promoting the quality and relevance of the philosophic knowledge delivered to learners. The quality and popularity of such programs vary across states, mainly due to the different amounts of funding provided by governments. The southern part of the U.S. is well-known for the lack of funding for higher education. This is why you should thoroughly consider the quality and relevance of the degree you are going to obtain in one of these universities. Please, understand that when universities experience underfunding, one of the first programs that face funding cuts are humanities and philosophy. This is why, beyond considering the program itself, you should also analyze the current and future position of the school of your choice. Your answer to the question, "where to study philosophy" will not be quick. Nor will it be easy. It will require a great deal of time, but it will be worth the effort. Consider factors beyond the immediate location of the institution. See if it offers serious programs and maintains a faculty of the utmost professionals in the field. It would be a great thing to contact the faculty or meet its representatives in person before you can make a final decision. If you are an undergraduate student, then you should be particularly attentive to the questions of quality, because the degree you obtain will influence your future career prospects. {t_essay_1} To sum up, most philosophy programs and faculties in the U.S. experience the lack of funds. Their financing is being cut due to the continuous economic crisis. However, you will find fewer schools that experience the lack of funds in the north, as compared with the south. At the same time, you should not expect your studies to be easy, since funding cuts may come at any moment of time, and you may still need more money to cover your tuition expenses. Moreover, do not limit yourself to a Bachelor's degree in philosophy, since you will not be able to find any decent employment with it. It is better if you continue your education towards a MA or a PhD degree, so that you could become an educator or a researcher. The higher degree you earn, the better established you will be in a world of philosophers. Find out if you can enroll in a smaller school with better funding opportunities to launch your philosophy career in the US.


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