The Political Science program has lately become one of the most popular among undergraduate overseas students. The program is versatile as it focuses on developing problem-solving skills and analytical thinking, and therefore provides students with numerous career opportunities after graduation. Read on and find some interesting information about the education in Political Science in different educational establishments.

The Most Prestigious Schools for an Undergraduate Program in Political Science

Most educational establishments in the USA offer great studying opportunities for those students interested in Political Science field. International students can have many options for studying depending on personal preferences and expectations. One of the universities that offer a degree in Political Studies with a detailed focus on political processes, institutions, relationships, and underlying political principles is the Concord University. The program designed in this educational establishment prepares students for the future career in research schools or law schools. Besides, students get a perfect chance to become educated in international relations, government functioning, etc. Moreover, students can apply for internship programs, where they can get practical experience in applying their knowledge and skills they have already learned. International students can find the best Political Science programs offered at the following universities: Princeton University, Harvard University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, California Institute of Technology, and Columbia University among others. Still, overseas students aiming to study in the USA should also take into account universities with a strong Liberal Arts department because in many educational establishments the Political Science educational program belongs to the Liberal Arts. Therefore, consider as well such institutions as: Amherst College, Williams College, Middlebury College, Wellesley College, and Swarthmore College.

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Specific Requirements for Studying at an Undergraduate Program in Political Science

As a matter of fact, each educational establishment has its own requirements to students who want to obtain education in the Political Science major. Still, there are some common criteria, namely, each student who studies Political Science is supposed to take such courses: Political Theory, Comparative Politics, American Politics, and International Relations. At some other universities, students may be expected to also study Public Policy as well as Political Thought and Law. Besides, some other student may also be required to study Liberal Arts disciplines such as Global Health, Economics, etc. in order to gain a more solid education. Therefore, when applying for a particular educational institution, always check out on the university’s website which studying program there is available.

Undergraduate Degree in Political Science Course Offerings

Different institutions provide students with different course offerings in Political Science. Still, there is some differentiation between the years of studying: in particular, courses for freshmen and sophomores (lower division students) differ from those offered for juniors and seniors (upper division students). Freshmen and sophomores usually have such courses as Introduction to Comparative Politics (Columbia University), World Politics (University of California), Theory and Practice of American Democracy (University of Southern California), etc. Such basic theoretical courses aim to acquaint students with the basis theoretical concepts of politics. That is why they are obligatory before moving on to study something more practical. Upper-division courses take the bases of the lower division courses and use them in their more specific and practical ones. For examples, students may study Sex, Power, and Politics; Citizenship and Exclusion; Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa, etc. Alongside with the interest, the amount of homework also increases. {t_essay_1}

Undergraduate Degree in Political Science Honors Program

For students especially motivated and interest in the studying process, many universities offer Honors programs that complement the undergraduate degree. The requirements of Honors programs differ from one university to another. Usually, they are aimed at broadening a student’s obtained knowledge.

Undergraduate Degree in Political Science Minor

On the contrary, if you express a special interest in political theory and government functioning, but you do not demonstrate any special interest in Political Science, then instead you should try a Political Science Minor. Most universities and colleges offer Political Science Minor Programs as well, where students can take a few courses of interest but still gain a solid knowledge in political science.

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