Overseas students who demonstrate particular interest in studying Record Engineering in the USA are granted with an endless list of the best educational establishments to study this discipline. When making a choice where to study, successful and promising students should consider numerous factors, namely faculty, size, location, and financial aid among others. In case you are interested in studying Recording Engineering, it is vital for you to make a sound decision on where to study. Recording engineering belongs to one of the most promising careers where international students can use technical equipment to reproduce, mix, and record sound. If you have set you mind on obtaining a career in Recording Engineering, then you should definitely take into consideration some of the best schools on the whole territory of the United States. For example, Full Sail University that is situated outside of Orlando, the state of Florida, belongs to one of the most popular educational establishments for studying Recording Engineering. Among the other top schools are the following: American University located in Washington D.C., Ithaca College in New York as well as Loyola Marymount University in LA. Read on and reveal more detailed information what these institutions offer so you could attain some practical skills and become an audio engineer.

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Full Sail University

Belonging to one of the top schools for Recording Engineering, Full Sail University is situated in Winter Park, the state of Florida. In 2005, Rolling Stone entitled it as one of the top 5 music programs in the USA. In 2008, the Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges (FAPSC) gave the Full Sail University the award of being the School/ College of the Year. Later on, in 2011, the educational establishment was granted an award for excellence from the New Media Consortium Center. The undergraduate Recording Engineering program of Full Sail University comprises the following branches of specialization: Sound Fundamentals, Music Recording, Music Production and Postproduction. In the program entitled Sound Fundamentals, students learn how to recognize any problems with sound. In the courses of audiotronics, they learn how to maintain and use audio software and hardware that is usually used in modern music studios. In the Music Recording program, students learn the mechanics and principles of recording, in particular how to mix recordings, edit them, and use the recording equipment. When studying Music Production, students get the basics of songwriting, vocal production techniques, and music development. Besides, they become more familiar with strategies and techniques that aid them in attaining quality recordings and productions. In Postproduction, students are taught how to design and record music, dialogue, and sound effects for video games, television shows, and films.

American University in Washington D.C.

The Education Portal indicates that American University located in Washington D.C. is the top third of the top schools specializing in Recording Engineering. IN 2011, however, according to the World Report and the US News, it was ranked as #79 among the best US universities. Overseas students who have enrolled into American University to study Recording Engineering can either obtain a Bachelor of Science in Audio Technology or a Bachelor of Arts in Audio Production. Both of the aforementioned educational programs provide an opportunity for students to have training on the computer hardware and software as well as create audio for specific kinds of entertainment. The Audio Technology program offered by American University is closely linked with the Departments of Performing Arts, Computer Science, and Physics, which allows students become well-versed in different versatile areas of the field as well as gain hands-on experience.

Ithaca College

Situated in Ithaca, the state of New York, Ithaca College is regarded as one of the best schools specializing in Recording Engineering. In particular, in the year 2011, it was ranked #7 best regional universities in the northern part of the USA according to the World Record’s list and the US News. The university offers students a Bachelor’s degree in Sound Recording Technology. Overseas students studying Recording Engineering at this university will acquire knowledge of the basic mixing methods, recording techniques, and engineering exercises that are crucial for anyone specializing in the recording arts industry. Among the other courses are Theatre Arts, Electro-Acoustic Music, and Physics. Moreover, the students who work as engineers at Ithaca Recording Services Program during their undergraduate program have to complete internship during their senior year. Besides, they are also required to provide a senior project, where they should play the role of a producer as well as a mixing, recording, and mastering engineer. After graduation, these projects serve as a kind of a portfolio, which demonstrates student’s knowledge and practical skills for the potential employees. {t_essay_2}

Loyola Marymount University

Overseas student demonstrating interest in recording engineering may also apply for Loyola Marymount University situated in Los Angeles, CA. This educational establishment is one of the best in the USA. According to the World Report of 2011 and the US News, it was listed as #3 of the best regional universities. The university offers a major in Recording Arts, where students can obtain the required skills and knowledge in music engineering and production as well as in film and television sound. Moreover, students can get practical experience at the studios, audio workstations, and sound stages of the School of Film and Television. In addition, students take two lower division music classes: one providing them with fundamentals of music theory, whereas the other providing practical experience in keyboards playing. Furthermore, during upper division music courses, students study reproduction and modification of sound as well as the science of sound behavior.

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