Nowadays, many international students prefer to study accounting in the United States. It is caused by two facts. The first one is that accounting is constantly becoming more and more popular among students, while the second one is that the US offers top schools in accounting. A great variety of schools to choose gives the students a possibility to apply for any of them depending on their preferences.

How to Find the Best School?

The advantage of looking for the accounting school in the US is that they are not concentrated in one specific region. Their location is different, which makes it possible for students to choose a location they like. To choose the best school, the students have to look for appropriate business programs in different universities. Such programs are aimed at providing the best education in accounting field. To obtain the degree in accounting (which is considered free standing), the students will have to work hard. The competition is very high among the individuals who want to study accounting, so it may be not as easy as it seems to enter such school.

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School Rankings

The most reliable information regarding the accounting schools is provided by the US News School Rankings. It provides the ranks of school annually, indicating the best of them based on some specific qualities. It is clear that the best and the most prestigious programs are offered by the most popular universities. One of the top ranked programs is offered by the University of Texas, which is located in Austin, Texas. It is famous among students for its incredible program in accounting. The school that offers this program (including both graduate and undergraduate programs, as well as a great number of courses) is the McCombs School of Business. The other school in the list belongs to the University of Pennsylvania. Its accounting department is located the Wharton School of Business. Some experts call this school the best accounting school in the world, which proves the high quality of education offered here. The course here includes different subjects, including mathematics, statistics, finance, as well as auditing. It is not surprising that many students do all possible to apply for this specific school, making it one of the most wanted schools ever. The education in this school is aimed at training the most qualified and professional specialists in the field. The other two of the most popular school include the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign and the University of Chicago. The first one is known for having the best programs related to the business. Moreover, the degree in Accounting obtained in this school is considered to the in the top two. Nonetheless, regardless of its big size, the school accepts only 200 graduates to take part in the program. The second school, which is the University of Chicago, is a private school located in the city of Chicago. The school is famous for its internationally recognized faculty and a reputation. The school accepts international students from all over the world and prepares high quality specialists with high achievements in the accounting. {t_essay_1}

Options for Students

The schools mentioned above form only a short list of accounting schools that offer the best educational programs in the world. Very often, to enter these schools, students have to make great efforts to meet the admission standards. However, no matter how difficult the admission process can be, the students who are lucky to take part in the program receive unlimited opportunities. Do not worry if you were not lucky to enter one of the mentioned school. There are many other schools offering not less interesting and engaging programs with guarantees of obtaining necessary skills to build a brilliant career. Depending on the preferences of students, there are schools in different states of the US, which open their doors for international students. Moreover, they may find that education in the US is completely different from the education in their home countries, which gives them a possibility to expand the horizons and learn something new. Do not hesitate to look for top schools in accounting in the US to improve your skills and become a real professional in the field of interest!

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