The Essence of NCLEX 75 Questions Test

“75 questions on NCLEX pass or fail” is one of the most popular Google search requests among students who are studying nursing. NCLEX is a test, which consists of 75 (sometimes up to 265 question). Passing NCLEX in 75 questions implies different types of tasks. For example, there can be only one correct answer, but some assignments may have two or even all correct answers. In some tasks, it is necessary to write only one correct variant. Usually, this is the figure when calculating the infusion or something else. Some tests involve the designation of the priority or order in which to perform the assignment. There are also such questions as decoding ECG. In some tests, you need to listen to the audio and answer what kind of noise it is (heart or lungs). The NCLEX exam is based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the nurse to ensure the safety and effective care of patients. When you see the test itself, you will understand what level of knowledge is required for the work of a regular nurse. After this, it is necessary to undergo various training programs in the hospital or to receive higher education.

How to Pass the NCLEX

How to Pass the NCLEX in 75 Questions

After the test has started, the computer asks average questions to evaluate your knowledge. If the answers are correct, it complicates them or makes them easier. It is proved, if you are not sure of any topic, the computer will understand it and will give you questions only from this subject. Therefore, this is a reason to go for a test prepared. In addition, the computer is very sensitive to the time for answers; it is recommended to spend 1-2 minutes per question. However, do not rush, remember that after moving to the next question, you cannot go back and fix anything.

After the end of the exam, you will receive an official response within six weeks. This process can be accelerated at an additional cost. Re-passing the test is allowed after two months. The examination can be done several times, and this result does not appear on your resume. According to the statistics, American students pass this test successfully from the first time only in 45% of cases. NCLEX can only be passed at the Pearson VUE centers located throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, Mexico, the UK, the Philippines, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, and India.

Effective Preparation for the Test

First, prepare a workplace, remove unnecessary things from the table, leaving only the necessary textbooks, manuals, notebooks, paper, pencils, etc. Make a plan of your training. It is necessary to define what exactly will be studied today. Start with the most difficult themes, from the subject that you know the worst. Alternate learning and rest. You can wash the dishes, do exercises, or take a shower in your spare time. Do not try to read and memorize the entire textbook. It is useful to structure the material by making outlines and schemes, preferably on paper. Plans are useful because they are easy to use with a brief repetition of the material. Train with a stopwatch in your hands and mark the time of performance of tests. Preparing for exams, never think that you cannot cope with the task, but, on the contrary, mentally paint yourself a picture of triumph. Leave one day before the exam to repeat all the plans of answers. Many students believe that they need to learn during the last night before the exam. It is not right. You are already tired, so do not overwork yourself. On the contrary, stop preparing, take a shower and make a walk.

How to Behave during NCLEX

Read the task to the end. Haste may lead to the fact that you try to understand the terms of the task “by first words” and finish the ending with your own imagination. It is a sure way to commit annoying mistakes in the easiest questions.
Think only about the current task. When you see a new test, forget everything that was in the previous one. Typically, the assignments in the tests are not related to each other. Therefore the knowledge that you applied in one question, as a rule, does not help, but only hinders you to concentrate and solve a new task correctly.

Make the Process of Learning Productive

Use a comprehensive educational approach. A lot of information can be remembered with the help of a partial learning method, in which the sentences are repeated one by one. However, with a partial learning method, information is fragmented and breaks out of its context, which makes it difficult to perform and leads to an increase in the number of repetitions. In contrast, with a comprehensive learning method, all information, such as a text, is memorized entirety, and then is repeated as a whole. The interrelationships between the individual parts are understood faster and more thoroughly, and the required number of repetitions is reduced. Therefore, where possible, use a comprehensive studying method. When working with a large amount of material, it is difficult to memorize the text as a single whole. In this case, break the text into large sections, united by one theme.

The keyword method is also very effective in preparing for NCLEX. What is a keyword? This is a kind of knot, which is connecting the information stored in memory with our immediate consciousness, which allows us to reproduce it. To memorize a phrase, it is enough to select 1-2 main (key) words and remember them. This method can also be used when working with large texts, forming a chain of keywords that follow one another and are linked together. To do this, the material should be divided into sections. In each of the parts, the main thoughts must be highlighted, the minimum number of keywords that need to be linked and remembered should be allocated for each of them.