Most likely, you remember the first concert you visited no matter whether it was a closed event in a coffee house or a great performance in a sold-out arena. The chances are you until now remember every single detail of what singers and performers did on the stage. Yet, if you were amused with the concert itself, it is also likely that you envied the people who were behind the scenes of all of it since they had a chance to create the show you and many other people enjoyed so much. If you are an international student amused about the idea to study show production in the US, you have numerous opportunities to do so and even more. There are schools that will teach you live shows management, conventions coordination, and even how magic is created in theme parks.

Prospect of Studying and Pursuing Show Production in the US

According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, demand for and, thus, employment of directors, producers, backstage workers and artists in show production industry is predicted to increase in the foreseeable future. As an international student, you will receive a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience while studying by diving into behind the scenes of local fairs, huge concerts, spectacular attractions and events in amusement parks, and Broadway Theater.

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You will never be bored once you become an artist behind the scenes of show production. Your “office” and thus actual workplace can move every day with your moves to new ventures, and that depends purely on the type of event you are involved in. Yet, this type of work is for you if you feel comfortable of working under pressure, collaborating with team members closely, and enjoying the process of looking for and creating solutions. Your responsibilities will go far beyond making performers on the stage look good. You will be responsible for creating entire unique experience for those involved in the performance on and off the stage as well as for those who enjoy it as spectators. To make that experience happen, you may find yourself in various situations, including even being tucked in a back booth, or more so, hanging from a rafter. No matter where you are or what your role in production of a show is, you will need to be focused and determined to contribute to the overall success of the event. Do not expect regular working hours from 9 to 5 since they vary depending on your role and job. Rather normal hours can be expected if you choose to work for a company that creates conferences and meetings, but not during the events themselves. However, if you choose to dive into concert tours or other active and moving events, you may expect to work until late night for the whole period of the tours.

Where to Study Show Production in the US

There is a number of colleges and universities offering exciting programs in show production. In this regard, Full Sail University in Florida offers international students to enroll in programs and become professionals as AV and Lighting technicians, audio technicians, stagehands, backstage and pyrotechnics assistants. While majoring in show production at Full Sail University, you can take additional courses such as journalism, communication, writing, acting, and theater. If you are more interested in music, you can enroll in music business program offered at Berkley College of Music or acquaint yourself with recording industry by studying at the Middle Tennessee State University and exploiting their most modern state-of-the-art recording studios. No matter what school you choose to study show production in the US, it is highly recommended that in addition to core courses in the curriculum you take music history and business, recording, media arts, public speaking, and written communication. These courses will help you dive into the industry and develop skills that will become handy when pursuing even producer’s or director’s career. {t_essay_1}

Types of Jobs in Show Production

When considering choosing show production as your major, you surely want to know what career prospects you might have later in the future. As an international student with a bachelor’s degree, you will be able to become a director or producer of a show or event, while you can get technician, assistant, or some other backstage position through being involved in acting, writing, or doing some backstage work during production of a show. If your major interest is special events, you may consider getting employment with some events company. Many such companies in the United States and across the world organize and host various conferences, meetings, and other venues on regular basis, and you could take up the role that would be responsible for the smooth flow of the events, including right audio and sound, and lighting. If you want to stay update about opportunities to study show production in the United States, subscribe to our newsletters and check back for new articles. Meanwhile, ensure you follow us on our social network pages.

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