Have you ever considered studying political science in the US? Being undergraduates, international students have a great chance to study in the United States and gain knowledge of its political system and institutions. Political science is rather a broad field of study offering a considerable diversity of topics. Therefore, students majoring in this subject will have a plenty of career opportunities. What is similar between the professions of diplomats, lawyers, and journalists? Someone may found it strange, but the key feature that combines these different professions is a degree in political science.

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What Does a Degree in Political Science Mean?

The very name of the subject, i.e. political science, may disorient you. Note that studying this major has nothing to do with lab classes. Political science studies the peculiarities of different political systems and establishments. This subject has more similar features with such social sciences as anthropology and history rather than with biology or physics. This field of study usually deals with such issues as political theory, American politics, law and public policy, and comparative government. In addition, the majority of American educational establishments briefly study how political decisions and governmental policies influence people. For this reason, the courses that study gender and race in terms of politics are quite popular today. As one can see, the area of political science covers a lot of different fields. Thus, majors in this area will be fully aware of such sciences as sociology, economics, international relations, and others.

Why Go to the USA to Study Political Science?

When studying political science, students will become well versed in their field of study. Moreover, they will acquire different abilities. International students who decide to study political science in the U.S. will improve their writing, analytical, and communication skills. They will be able to discuss any topic and find reasonable solutions to the problems they are dealing with. Furthermore, studying political science helps students understand political terms, concepts, and theories better, no matter whether it goes about a domestic political system or that of another country. As political science is closely connected with other subjects, students graduating in this major will be knowledgeable about the theories examined by other fields of study as well. International students should know that there is no better place to study American political system than the USA.

What Demands Should Be Met by the Students Majoring in Political Science?

Every educational institution imposes its own academic requirements. However, the majority of them demand students to choose three or four subjects relating to different fields of study. In this way, students will be able to learn more about theories and ideologies of a domestic and world’s political systems. For instance, at the University of Southern California, students are obliged to take courses in such fields as Law and Public Policy, American Politics, Political Thought, and Comparative Politics. Though there is a certain set of subjects which students studying political science should choose, they can also select the disciplines they are interested in. For example, students studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology can create their own area of study by picking three subjects from the following list: Methods and Models, American Politics, Political Philosophy, Comparative Politics, Political Economy, etc. It is up to students to decide how to arrange their educational program, i.e. follow the established curriculum or choose the academic disciplines on their own. Since most of the universities offer broad educational programs, students are free to customize their educational process according to their needs. {t_essay_2}

Job Positions Available to Majors in Political Science

As the field of political science is vast and deals with many subjects, it helps students obtain the following positions:

  • Journalist
  • Diplomat
  • Research Analyst
  • Lobbyist
  • Lawyer
  • Political Consultant
  • Educator
  • Foreign Service Officer and many others.

Now it is clear why students should study political science in the United States. After obtaining a degree in this academic area, you will possess the skills required for working in different fields of study.

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