If movies, commercials, documentaries, and any other motion pictures have inspired you to think about how they have been done, or if you have wondered about the ways on how explosive special effects or macro effects are created, then you most likely have a high interest in and passion for filming. When considering pursuing a career in the video and motion picture industry, you will be surprised to learn that it is not a problem to find a program to study film in the US. However, you need to work hard in your studies since competition between people trying to find their place in the film industry is rather fierce.

The Full Sail University in Florida

If you are a prospect international student willing to study film in the US, you will find that certain institutions take teaching filming seriously and offer their students hands-on experience in all segments of the industry. For example, the Full Sail University in Florida has industry leading faculty and advanced filming technologies. The University entails a lot of hard work for students during studies that incudes going behind the scenes, gaining real hands-on experience in various stages of filming starting from pre-production to postproduction ventures. While undertaking the program, the students will have a task of creating a film of their own, which they will be able to use later to start their career in the industry.

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A school to study film in the US

When looking for a school to study film in the US, you will notice that most of them are located in California or New York. Such a location is not accidental since California is home to major film studios while New York hosts the most popular broadcasting and networking companies. The most famous schools offering programs in filming include the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts, the University of California Los Angeles’s School of Theatre, Film and Television, and the American Film Institute Conservatory for Advanced Film and Television Studies among others in California and Syracuse University, the New York University Tisch School of the Arts, and the School Visual Arts in New York. Although New York and California are major places to study filming due to their closeness to the industry, there are other reputable schools around the United States that offer quality programs and exclusive exposure and experience in the film industry. The difference is that those other universities have less fierce competition between their students. Studying film making in the US is also a prospective career to pursue since the projections of earnings in the video and motion picture industries were to grow by 14 percent by 2018 against only 11 percent for all industries combined. Such positive projections were due to several factors. First factor that has had and is still having an immense impact on the film industry is that different media has become widely available due to advanced technologies. Nowadays films are screened and aired not only on TV or theatres. Numerous cable and satellite channels as well as video websites stream films and motion pictures every day and night, which increases demand for new movies. {t_essay_1} Yet, before making the final decision to study film in the US, you need to consider what kind of career you would like to pursue in the film industry. There are three major categories of careers in the film industry that are related to pre-production, production, and post-production phases of filmmaking. Pre-production phase and, thus, career involves creating and visioning ideas for movies, raising funds and developing budgets for production, developing screenwriting and designing sets. Production phase and careers are related to the process of creating and producing actual motion videos, shows, series, or commercials. Jobs that are done in this phase vary from directors, camera and boo operators, directors’ and operators’ assistants, sound and engineering technicians, animators, gaffers, etc. The post-production phase involves editing and sales processes and offers careers in film, dubbing, sound effect editors, editors’ assistants, promotional advertisers, and salesmen. According to Bureau of Labor and Statistics, recent graduates of film programs who seek entry-level jobs in the industry start their career by working as assistants of directors, operators, editors that work on governmental, educational, business, or documentary films. Yet, a number of roles in the film industry can be done remotely, with drifting schedule, or on project basis. According to data from BLS, video and motion picture industry employed about 362,000 workers, of which 22 percent worked part-time and 14 percent worked on varying schedules. Many recent graduate choose to use services of “temp agencies” that may help them find entry-level jobs in the industry. Yet, there is no guarantee such jobs will not come to an end in several days. Competition in the film industry is enormously fierce. However, if you are creative, talented, persistent, and show appropriate level of professionalism, you can make a brilliant career starting from just an assistant and grow yourself to the role of a director. Anyways, desire to study film in the US can surely become a fruitful and rewarding endeavor.

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