If your teachers and instructors inspired you to become a role model and a mentor to others, you should definitely consider receiving a degree in education. International student who decides to study education in the US will definitely get other perspectives of the profession and will be able to help their future students become and do something more. Studying education in a creative and fast-paced environment will surely make a difference and change students’ perception of teaching. Once Bill Gates stated, “while “technology is the tool, the teacher is the motivator.” Thus, being a teacher who can influence the future of his/her students and open up the world to young people must be a passion. Good teachers become role models, mentors, and simply friends to the youngsters. Good teachers teach more than reading, writing, and literacy do. If you feel that you are apt to become a teacher and want to study education in the United States, you should mind that education in the US is divided into four major categories that include early childhood education, elementary education, secondary education, and adult education. When applying to a program in education, international students will need to choose a specific category they want to obtain degree in.

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Different colleges and universities have different requirements and expectations for students willing to study education. Yet, if you are an international student applying to a program in education in the US, you will be surely expected to be able to work well and deal with children of different ages. That ability will have to be proved by the means of lesson planning, student teaching, tutoring programs, etc. The expectations might differ based on the category of education you want to pursue. Thus, students willing to pursue a degree in early childhood or elementary education will be expected to have skills and interest in crafts, drawing and painting, socialization and child development, and teaching elementary literacy.  Secondary and adult education program students will be expected to learn specific subject in order to be able to explain and teach those subjects in detail to high school students and adults. Further career in education usually requires only a bachelor’s degree in the specific category, while private schools may require Master’s or higher degree. However, teaching license needs to be maintained all the time throughout the career.


Similarly to expectations, the environment can differ. Environment for studying education in the US will definitely be friendly and motivating. However, students who take up education as a career should be prepared to work in a fast-paced environment when plans might need to be adjusted and changed each day. The working environment of teachers is often noisy, and the level of noise depend on the age of children. Sometimes future teachers may face unfriendly environment when students will show disregard and disrespect to learning process. Thus, international students will need to consider their future working environment and possible challenges before choosing the category to receive their degree in. Nevertheless, prospect students in education programs need to consider acquiring skills of engagement, improvisation, tolerance, and multitasking and develop them to suit in an education environment. {t_essay_2}

Benefits and Rewards

Teacher’s salary vary greatly in the range between $25,000 and $80,000 per annum depending on your experience and expertise as a teacher, as well as on the district and type of school you work at. Teachers can earn additional salaries by teaching in summers or doing extra-curriculum activities with students. In addition, salaries of teachers in private and public schools will differ. The category of education, whether it is elementary and secondary, or early childhood education, will impact the salary rate teachers will receive. Studying education in the US will be rewarding not only financially but also emotionally. Being a teacher will allow you to influence lives of your future students by teaching them new ideas and perspectives, inspire them to reach their goals, and mentor them not only on subject but also on life matters. The experience you will get each year will be different and you will continue to learn from your students as well. If you are looking for a school to study education in the US, you may consider the programs from the Felician College or any other institution and learn the necessary skills for student tutoring and teaching. Studying and then working in the education, you will be able to change your life and lives of the young people you teach.

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