All You Wanted to Know About a Scholarship Essay

Scholarship essays are crucially important in student`s academic career since they give a free or an extremely cheap ride to a college or university. Need to know how to write a scholarship essay? First and foremost, the purpose of such essays is to demonstrate the college or university board that you are one of those determined students who should get money for studying. Such essays can be divided into two groups – need-based and merit-based ones, and both of them can bring money. A need-based scholarship essay will show the committee how poor and an unprivileged person you are, and how desperately you need the money to achieve success in your life. A merit-based essay should show the committee that you are a truly remarkable and genuine person and you need the money to improve your abilities and skills. In such an essay, you should prove that this peculiar college or university will be a great place to share your brilliant thoughts and ideas. Regardless the scholarship essay format, both essay types will speak about your experience and personality. The most important element of your essay will be the topic. Feel free to spend some time brainstorming the ideas, remembering some personal experience, achievements and goals. You should demonstrate your personality from the different angles. Actually, it is a very limited piece of writing, so you need to demonstrate all our strengths in one-two pages. We assure you that the board of the college or university has read the thousands of similar essays. In order to get money, your piece of writing should be truly original and attention-grabbing. Usually, the most interesting essays tell the audience about the writer`s accomplishments and achievements that everyone may recognize. Your victories should be challenging and current. Also, you must be ready to provide the proofs of your achievements upon the committee demand.

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Make sure that your scholarship essay will count the factors that make you different from the hundreds of other applicants. Also, your essay should demonstrate that you may apply many efforts to achieve anything you want. Do not hesitate to mention that you are ready to learn something new. You may speak about your favorite books, movies, cuisine, and hobbies. Do not know how to start a scholarship essay? We assure you that like any other people, the members of the committee like to learn something new – impress them! Do not hesitate to put some appropriate joke that describes some of your personal traits. Your essay should be easy to read, succinct and logically organized. Do not jump from one idea to another. The instructors should trace the peculiar events of your life. Do not just briefly summarize some event, but show your attitude to it. Feel free to demonstrate your feelings and emotions and tell how this particular event had changed your worldview. Show the committee that you are the person who totally deserves the grant. Also, it makes sense to tell what difficulties you experienced in your life and what tools you used to overcome them. However, the essay should not stir up the compassion and sympathy, sadness and guilt of the College Board. On the contrary, they should see that you are a very determined person ready to cope with all the troubles and difficulties applying some efforts. Also, you may tell the committee about your dreams and how are you going to make them true. Every essay should not be just a begging for cash. On the contrary, you should demonstrate that you, as an applicant, will be useful for this particular college, university and the country in future. This essay should demonstrate the interview board that you are a winner, an achiever and a leader in the community. Regardless the topic of your essay and its structure, the committee needs to see two bullet points of your scholarship essay:

  • Your past achievements. What did you learn from your mistakes and failures? What features helped you to succeed in some situations? Knowing more about your personal traits, the committee members will paint the portrait of a person who perfectly fits their educational institution.
  • Your current ideas and aspirations. How do you plan to participate in college or university life? What are your personal goals? How do you see yourself in 10-15 years?

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