Response Essay

Effective Response Essay Writing

A summary or a response essay is a type of academic writing based on the understanding of a book/article/movie, etc. To create a perfect piece of writing, you should be aware of some useful secrets. A summary and response essay should demonstrate the reader`s reaction to the required work. In general, writing a good response essay does not require any peculiar efforts; however, there are some common rules that you should know. First and foremost, response essay requires your personal point of view. Feel free to insert “I believe,” “I opine,” “I think,” “I consider” in your essay.

Personal Approach Is Important

There are many examples of response essays available on the web. Choose the best ones and make sure that they include not only description of the subject but also the author`s opinion about it. If you want to write about your subject in detail, do not hesitate to apply a personal approach. Tell the reader about the strengths and weaknesses of the subject, why it is worth analyzing, etc.

If I waited for perfection I would never write. – Margaret Atwood

Here is a brief plan of all the stages required for effective response essay writing:

  • Learn everything about the subject of observation;
  • Think about the subject carefully. Spend some time brainstorming the ideas;
  • Make some notes;
  • Choose the strongest and the most interesting points for analysis;
  • Think about your key arguments;
  • Set the deadline;
  • Create a brief outline of your essay;
  • Organize it in a proper way;
  • Keep to the required response essay format;
  • Make your essay free of plagiarism and grammar mistakes.

You should remember that every paper should be organized as a five-paragraph essay. Start with a grasping and eye-catching introduction, providing some information about your subject – its author, title, etc.  Make it interesting from the very first line and you will achieve the best results. Also, the modern educational standards require a clear thesis statement at the end of introduction. Make it informative and thought-provoking and do not forget that your entire essay should be based on it.

Your Opinion Is Crucially Important

Do not be afraid to express your thoughts in the personal response essay. Your instructor wants to see your ideas and reflections, and you should not be too shy to demonstrate your writing skills and experience. Usually, academic papers do not allow using the first person; however,  in response essay writing it is absolutely appropriate.

Some Helpful Tools

Your response essay may cover one or many aspects of the subject. If you can choose the topic, pick up a very interesting book, movie, artwork or article. Some phrases that can be useful for any critical response essay writer are:

  • The author wants to analyze…;
  • The reader can observe…;
  • I found the fact that… interesting;
  • I like this author`s idea because…;
  • This book is worth analyzing because…

To conclude, feel free to put your personality in your essay and your instructor will evaluate it with the highest grades.

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