If you are an overseas student who is looking for opportunities to study political science either at the graduate or postgraduate level, you will most probably like that your chosen educational establishment is not only the best one in its field but also the one situated in the most favorable location for you. It is perfectly natural that every student wants to obtain education that will be most beneficial and useful for the future career prospects. This article will help you set your mind on choosing the best educational establishments from geographical perspective.

Washington, D.C.

For an overseas student aiming to use the obtained degree from political science in the future career, the perfect place for studying is Washington, D. C. The capital is considered to be a political center where all crucial events in the sphere of politics and business take place. Therefore, the city provides you with an endless list of career opportunities so that you could become an aspiring campaign worker or a prominent political scientist. Besides, numerous schools are situated just in the vicinities of the White House, and therefore you will not surely miss a chance to have a look at it.

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One of the most respected educational institutions is George Washington University, which is situated in the very heart of the capital city. There is a political science faculty that offers high-quality knowledge and the standard graduate or undergraduate options for studying. The educational program for the freshmen can be regarded as really unique as it is selective. Throughout the course of studying there, students have a chance to meet different political leaders and see how they negotiate and work in real life. Besides, the department of Political Science has its own newsletter called Dr. Wiley’s Weekly Brief, which provides information for students who are looking for internships in the respective field. Students that have enrolled to the American University and are interested in obtaining a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree can do this at the top political science school. The educational program has a remarkable curriculum and a unique program for students aimed at obtaining a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Political Science. Additionally, due to the University’s close location to Washington, D.C. and the hard attempts of the Political Science department to ensure high-quality education, in 2011, the School was ranked number one according to the US News World Report. All in all, the increasing number of internships means the higher number of job opportunities. Nevertheless, if you do not study in the heart of Washington D.C., it does not mean you have missed the opportunity to apply for internships or gain more career opportunities. There are many schools in the vicinity that offer high-quality education just as Washington D.C. For example, John Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, is one of such establishments. In particular, the department of political science offers students to apply for the governmental Aitchison Public Service Fellowship. As such, both juniors and seniors get the chance to spend a semester in Washington D.C., where they live and work. Working there involves interning with senators, embassies, congressmen, and other well-known political organizations. Finally, Concord University situated in West Virginia boasts its strong department of Political Science. The courses the university offers are specifically designed to let students understand and become aware of the political relationships, processes, and different political institutions. The public university is just in a few-hour drive from the capital, which gives a perfect chance for students to engage in summer internships in Washington and gain further practical experience in this field. Such internship opportunities allow students to be more competitive in the work market. {t_essay_1}

Big Cities

If an overseas student is strongly interested in using his/ her degree in the field of political science, there is a great number of options for studying in Washington D.C. The degree is beneficial for working both in the federal and municipal governments. If a student aims to obtain a career in the city government, then the best option would be to study near a big city where the student will have more career prospects of working at the government positions. Among schools situated in the vicinities of big cities are the following: New York University (in New York City), University of Southern California (LA), and University of Chicago (IL). When studying there, a student gets chances to apply for prestigious internships during studying.

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