For students coming from abroad, making a decision where to study can be challenging. So if a student came to the U.S., where can he/she turn to study accounting? It is actually hard to go wrong with any area of study in the U.S. This is a very large country that has several different regions; each part of the U.S. has top schools in the field of accounting. Students from abroad have to do some background check in the different regions of the U.S. to come up with the best decision.

Northern Part of the United States

The majority of international students want to live in big cities, which, together with many fun things to do, offer a lot of work opportunities and a variety of different cultures around. One of the top places to learn accounting is the northern part of the U.S.; it is the most popular, since it offers both bustling city life and chances to settle down in the country. Northern US means many top schools in accounting, big and attractive cities, as well as wonderful opportunities to find great career choices.

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Northern Cities

The Northern part of the U.S. is a place with the best schools to study accounting in the country, and is often described as the most excellent area for possible university students. For example, Boston is renowned for its colleges. Students from abroad will find these schools rewarding but also challenging, and will leave realizing that they have a great education background. A number of universities in the Northern U.S. are considered to be the top in accounting due to the cost of education, the quality of school programs, as well as the financial and academic support that will be provided throughout a student’s career. Students from all over the world are usually interested in future careers in academia, and they will realize that these programs help them to be prepared for future Master’s or doctoral studies. There is one more example of a great city to study accounting in, and this is New York City. Students want to leave college with a job in accounting, and in big cities like New York, it seems they will never run out of wonderful opportunities. Cities like New Haven, Hartford Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Cambridge - all located in the Northeastern part of the U.S. - have reputable accounting firms and serve as homes to some of America’s biggest companies. The above mentioned cities are perfect for international students who have just graduated from top schools in accounting and are seeking to start their career in a lively environment. It is important to keep in mind that the climate of a region plays an important role for foreign students. Students will come to find that in the Northeast United States, one can witness attractive winters and hot summers, green grass during spring time and bright foliage in the fall. {t_essay_2}

Southeast Part of the United States

One more option for students who are attracted to study accounting is the Southeast part of the country. Students come from all over the world to study in the top institutions, witness the growth of the cities, and enjoy great weather. The Southeast part of the country is a home to a number of renowned accounting schools. State schools in South and North Carolina, Georgia and Florida are top notch accounting schools with great reputation. Students from abroad often choose these universities, and there are many reasons for it. For example, the state of Florida offers the cheapest tuition rates as compared to the U.S. in general. The Southeast United States has wonderful cities, like Atlanta, Charlotte, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami and Charleston. All of them are great for students, given their superb weather, wonderful nature, and top notch universities. If you do not enjoy the cold weather or you are looking for a place with tropical or warm climate, the Southeast United States is the right place for you.

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