Persuasive Essay

Brilliant Persuasive Essay Hints

A persuasive essay is a type of academic writing that appeals to argumentation to make readers accept a certain point of view. It means that the purpose of writing argumentative essays is persuasive, i.e. convince the reader to adhere to your standpoint, which is the most valid and correct. Good persuasive essays must include profound reasoning and enough evidential support to prove the standpoint and back up all writer’s claims.

How to Work on Persuasive Essays

Students usually read a persuasive essay definition before working on the task. However, it does not give enough information on how to handle the essay writing process. Take a minute to think about your topic. What ideas appear in your mind about the topic? Do you clearly understand what side you would take? Usually one’s mind is full of both clear ideas on the topic and prejudices, so be ready to systematize them and choose only ONE side. Do you have any valid solutions to the problem?

Think about your audience. Students should write persuasive essays only when they know who possible readers will be. The key goal of argumentative writing is to present your thoughts about the topic as well as be ready to refute possible opposing ideas. You must have enough evidence to support disproving ideas. It is when the research process should begin. Use only credible sources for your writing. Think about the organization and structure of your paper. All paragraphs must be logical and approximately equal in length.

Writing a persuasive essay is usually a difficult task because students should focus on the evidential support. Please use only those facts that directly relate to the topic. They can be retrieved from the interviews, books, journals, online periodicals. Remember! All borrowed ideas must be appropriately cited because your professor will both blame you for plagiarism and put 0 for the task. It is always preferable to use statistics to prove your point. Moreover, do not forget that properly incorporated direct quotes also verify your claims. Meaningful examples always make the essay well-written and supported with evidence.

I love the essay. It’s my favorite genre to work in. – Meghan Daum

The Structure of a Persuasive Essay

Many students do not know what structure in persuasive writing is the most appropriate. The answer is simple – it is the same as in any other essay writing. If you do not know how to start a persuasive essay, please have a look at the example below.


It is the first paragraph in your essay, which means that your key goal is to present a hook that will attract readers’ attention. You should present the basic details of what the paper will further explore. The last sentence should be a thesis statement, where you clearly mention which position about the issue you chose.

Main Body

There should be 2-3 main body paragraphs directly related to your thesis statement. Each paragraph should present a topic sentence and discuss one specific point. The last paragraph in the main body is called “Refutation” – you will have to face opposing arguments and prove that your point still outweighs all confronting ideas.


This paragraph is merely a summary of what was discussed previously. You should restate the thesis statement and the main points from the main body. Make your conclusion compelling and memorable for the reading. You can include a rhetorical question, situation from your own experience, etc.

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