Personal Statement

Writing Your Personal Statement

A personal statement is one of the most important parts of your scholarship application at any college or university. You should devote a lot of your attention to your personal statement format and content.

What Is the Importance of a Personal Statement?

This statement is a chance for you to present yourself in a way that is not possible to do so through a generalized application format. Scholarship decisions are being made considering an applicant’s personal traits and sense of being. The admission committee want to get to know your past experiences, achievements, and see whether you are self-organized, have the motivation to study at this institution, can take a leadership role in among your peers. Moreover, they would like to determine your future career plans and fields you want to study, and check your academic records. The personal statement format allows them to get to know all of those things about you.

Most universities receive a great number of student scholarship applications on an annual basis; their academic records are more or less the same. Thus, a closer look and evaluation of the distinction among these applicants should be made. Unlike applicants’ academic records and accomplishments, their personal statements help to delve deeper into the student’s nature and character. All in all, general application steps combined with the statement enable the admission committee to decide what they can offer to the applicant. The statement itself easily can be a game changer for their decision.

Details About Writing the Personal Statement

Examine the instructions in your application first. Many applicants make a mistake by skipping most of the instructions and tips in the beginning. We truly recommend you to fully get acquainted with the guidelines of your application, and do your best at accurately presenting yourself. Moreover, keep in mind that your application will be a subject of comparison with other students who are qualifying and have a lot of common experiences and achievements with you. That is why you need to lay out what is your understanding in terms of the institution’s requirements. Your personal traits, such as creativity, initiative, decision-making, independence, ability to take a leadership position, self-motivation, teamwork abilities, talents and persistence to develop them, and how you get along with others, will also be taken into account. So, a very important tip on how to write a personal statement is to convey your thoughts on what you believe is important to know about you, and present yourself as a well-rounded individual, not just an academic achiever. In case you want to apply to a specific field or major, describe your interest in this field of study.

It should be noted that you should write the personal statement yourself, in your own manner. However, it would be a good idea to have a supervisor, mate or your parent inspect your work and give you a critical opinion on whether it meets the standards and shows who you really are. It’s critical that through your personal statement for college selection committee can get acquainted with you on a more personal level.

Things That the Personal Statement Is Not

It definitely cannot be your autobiography or just a sequence of events in your life. The committee don’t care about some random events, they care about you and your personality. What is a personal statement content they do want to see instead? They want you to show how you have developed over the years, what new things you have learned, where do you see yourself in the years to come and if you have formed a strong world outlook on your future and others surrounding you, and so on. We strictly advise you not to use a CV-writing outline or bulleted lists in you statement.

What You Should Discuss If You Are Transferring or Returning to Studies After the Long Break?

Some appreciated extra content to add would be a description of your interest in the field of study you are applying for, work or volunteering experienced you have done recently and how did you develop curiosity in the intended field. Overall, personal statements of applicants like you should have a focus more on a recent experience, either professional, academic, or cultural. At the same time, the selection committee will also be looking at any significant events in your life. Finally, show your motivation, level of achievement, and commitment to the studies at your chosen university.

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