A client from Louisiana orders a new TV-set from the local retailer of electronics who afterwards sends the order for processing to the central state warehouse in Washington. In its turn, the central warehouse chooses the TV-set from the latest shipment from the Japanese manufacturer and makes a schedule for delivery. So, will the TV-set be delivered by air? Will the trucks of the retail chain be suitable to deliver the parcel? Should the shipping be done with the help of freight and barge transport? If you are wondering who is responsible for solving such issues, you should know that it is logistics and transportation management. So, if you are an overseas student who would like to be responsible for solving such kinds of issues and be in chief of organizing some kind of distribution and shipping in your future career, opt for studying transportation and logistics in one of the prominent educational establishments of the USA.

What You Should Know About Transportation & Logistics in the USA

The USA is known as homeland for the largest and most varied consumer market. Therefore, this fact requires the country to have a large and well-developed supply system of goods. Besides, there should be specialists in the sphere of delivery and transportation who will be able to ensure timely shipping and delivery. According to the statistics, in 2011, 8.5% of the country’s GDP was brought by transportation and approximately $1.3 trillion was spent on the logistics industry.

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Among the services that are used for product delivery and transportation are the following:
  1. Trucking services
  2. Freight rail
  3. Air delivery
  4. Maritime

Types of Jobs in the Field of Transportation & Logistics

The field of logistics and transportation is diverse and it comprises of a wide range of services. If you think that you will only be able to work in the sphere of delivery and shipping, you are mistaken as the industry has numerous career prospects to offer:
  1. Logistics Analyst. Workers occupying this position are responsible for business costs, route schedules, and the evaluation of yield data. Besides, they work on efficiency optimization within the delivery system, and thus they need to cooperate with the other members of logistics and transportation team.
  2. Coordinator of Import and Export. These workers have the responsibility of supervising the shipment of goods both into and out of the country. Along with managers, these specialists make sure that the shipment successfully passes through customs and follows the next delivery stage. Thus, import and export coordinators should be well informed about the possible latest updates in the transportation procedures and their regulations. Besides, employees working in the import and export sphere closely cooperate with analysts and use their data and findings to optimize delivery.
  3. Account Executive. When working in this position, an employee is responsible for the customer service and sales management. Account executives start, develop, and preserve relationships with customers. In case something goes wrong, account executives take responsibility to coordinate with the technical part of the delivery for them to explain the existent problem to the customer. Even though you do not necessarily need to have a college degree, relevant experience within the industry is a must. Therefore, employers prefer applicants with adequate experience and proper education in the field.
Positions within the industry of logistics and transportation are not limited merely to the aforementioned ones and they include far more vacancies than those that deal with shipping and delivery. Transportation and logistics is an important industry since all local and state governments also rely on transportation services: engineers, city planners, and transportation officials greatly depend on the logistics and transportation principles. {t_essay_1}

Become a Part of the Future with Transportation & Logistics

As a matter of fact, logistics can be applied to any versatile and diverse system. For instance, take into account a hospital. Even the procedure of scheduling a surgery, which may seem easy from the first sight, requires numerous things to take into consideration:
  1. Are there any other surgeries scheduled for that particular day?
  2. Which room can be used for this particular surgery?
  3. What facilities does the surgical unit need?
  4. Are the necessary supplies available and, if not, when can they be delivered?
  5. How soon can the surgical room be used again after the scheduled surgery?
From this very case, it is evident that hospitals also rely on logistics professionals who can thoroughly evaluate information and spread it via their systems to omit any organizational problems. Just like hospital, any other organization has similar issues to solve. With the ongoing growth of the American company and the fast development of large companies, the country will need experienced and skillful logistics professionals to optimize working efficiency and ensure all systems function properly. Overseas students who are eager to study transportation and logistics in the USA will find out that there are numerous colleges and universities granting them such opportunity.

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