An undergraduate degree in mathematics affords international students numerous career prospects and opportunities. As a rule, overseas students who study mathematics in the USA will have to enroll on numerous courses in order to earn a degree. Very often, students are interested in getting information about the top educational establishments where they can obtain a degree in mathematics. Many people find mathematics an exciting area of studying. International students with an undergraduate degree in this field will find numerous opportunities open before them. However, many of those who are still thinking whether to study mathematics question themselves as to which courses to take or which educational establishment to choose. So, which things should you consider when setting your mind on obtaining an undergraduate degree in mathematics in the USA?

Standard Course Requirements

There are some obligatory methods and topics in the field of mathematics that almost each major requires from you to learn. Most studying programs in mathematics have a compulsory curriculum that all students are required to take regardless of their math specialty if they want to obtain an undergraduate degree in mathematics. The classes belonging to this mandatory curriculum provide one with the basic knowledge of math before learning some advanced and complicated topics that are of utmost interest to researchers. Among these compulsory classes are the following: calculus, algebra, and mathematical statistics. There are also courses called electives, which do not belong to the compulsory curriculum but which can be of particular interest to students if they want to obtain additional knowledge in some specific fields of math. Often, these courses may be interdisciplinary, e.g., be related to topology, logic, game theory, computer science, number theory, etc.

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Prerequisites for Obtaining an Undergraduate Degree

Students aiming to obtain an undergraduate degree should realize that education in mathematics is cumulative, and therefore many topics should be learned gradually. Very often, to cover some specific and advanced topics, students need to have a solid base in the basic knowledge of mathematical theories and principles. For example, if you have decided to enroll on a course of abstract algebra, your professor will expect from you that you already know the basic algebraic principles. Therefore, students interested in obtaining an undergraduate degree in the future should be farsighted as to which courses to take starting from the very first years of studying. Thus, all prerequisite courses required for the future undergraduate studying should be successfully covered.

The Best Schools

The top criterion in choosing an educational establishment for studying math should be the quality of teaching and knowledge that is offered. Studying on an undergraduate program is often a decisive step, which directly influences one’s future career prospects and ultimate success. Regardless the fact whether you are planning to find a job straightaway after studying or are still thinking of continuing research in some graduate schools, your chances will considerably improve if you get quality education in math offered at top schools. Your resume will seem more impressive if you state that you were studying in one of the top US schools. However, do not think that prestigious educational establishment chosen by you is the only thing that is needed for attaining success in life. What really matters are your skills and your ability to apply them in different practical situations and in different fields. You should take into consideration your individual wishes and demands and check whether a certain school offers enough opportunities for practical work or research. Besides, you should decide for yourself what career you would like to obtain (being a teacher or researcher, or maybe working in some related field, where math is only an instrument in performing some other operations). {t_essay_2} Let us imagine a situation that you are interested in becoming a teacher. Therefore, you should search for some educational program that offers not only good education in mathematics but also in education and methodology. Felician College, for example, provides you with an opportunity to enroll on a double major –Mathematics & Education. If teaching is not your cup of tea, then there is another option or you that Felician College offers – studying algebra or mathematical analysis. All in all, it is important for students to consider in detail what goals they want to persevere upon obtaining a degree in math. This decision will be helpful when they need to choose a studying program for their undergraduate degree.

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