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Create a Nice Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is a type of academic writing that aims to discuss a subject, event, action, or personal experience. This writing assignment is assigned to students of all educational levels – High school, College, and University. Professors assign it for students to see if they are able to express their emotions without position-taking, which obliges to present arguments. If you are interested in succeeding in personal narrative writing, please find some hints or guidelines that will make the writing process easier.

If you have to write a personal narrative essay, you should know what this writing task includes. Personal narratives can be compared with a story because they show writer’s emotions, opinions, and standpoints regarding a specific subject. The most common narrative essay usually reflects past events or challenges of a person. In comparison to other academic assignments, narrative essays do not have a very strict format or structure. The key goal is to present a story and one can go beyond the commonly accepted rules. Moreover, what makes this writing type different is the usage of the first person, so that you are bound to find such phrases as “I have experienced…” or “I felt that…” in the essay.

Narrative essays should be written in a pretty informal way since you need to present the story as it was. If you are retelling the event that happened to you and your friend, obviously, you would not use formal academic words in your dialogues because a common everyday speech is much different. Therefore, do not hesitate to use some slang words and idiomatic expressions that will make the picture more vivid. You should choose the topic that means much to you and you would like to share your emotions with others. Students usually like to explore their trips to the summer camp, long walks with friends, TV programs, etc. Though there are no specific writing rules for the narrative papers, events should be presented in a logical sequence. Do not jump from one idea to another, from the future to the past, and so on.

Writing a story is like crossing a stream: now I’m on this rock… now I’m on this rock. – Ann Beattie

Take a look at examples of narrative essays to see what possible structure can be. The first paragraph is an introduction. It should briefly present a review of what the paper will further discuss. Moreover, introduction should entail the basic information about the subject matter (memory, observation, experience, etc). The writing style should be cognitive and interesting for the reader. In narrative writing, the use of direct speech and dialogues is important, but not in the introduction. If you share some past experiences, it will be very helpful to include some dialogues that will build a bridge between the present and the past. Narrative essays are usually not long, because the reader can get bored if you retell too many details from your past events. Focus on the language, sensory details, etc. but not the length of your narrative essay.

In the main body of your narrative essay, you should demonstrate your clear ideas and opinions. There should be no more than 3-4 main body paragraphs. Focus on the vivid language and descriptive elements that will make your narration interesting. In the concluding paragraph, you should not present any new ideas. You merely have to summarize what was discussed before.

It is how your narrative paper should look like:

  • Introduction: Explain what you want to discuss in the paper.
  • Main body: Simply say it.
  • Conclusion: Restate what was previously discussed.

Remember that a personal narrative essay should make the reader visualize the situation and involve the reader in the discussion. Try to avoid including ideas of others in your personal narratives, because you have to concentrate on your personal experiences and not opinions of others. Though it was mentioned that you can use some informal phrases, you should always get rid of clichés and logical fallacies. Narrative papers should not be associated with boring writing and too extensive sentences must be excluded.

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