Literature Essay

Good Literature Essay

Literature essay, literary criticism or literary analysis requires the provision of well-grounded writer’s opinions and profound interpretation of a certain literary work. This kind of writing implies contrast, comparison, discussion, and evaluation of the selected literary works. The students of high schools, colleges and universities are assigned with such papers to check their creativity and originality of style in the analysis and interpretation of the ideas of the poetry, drama or prose works.

Writing essays about literature is a demanding task as it requires using persuasive language and professional approach that can involve the audience in the analysis and discussion of the literary works. There are a number of writing prompts that can help the students to master this type of writing.

Tentative Format of the Literary Analysis Paper

Identification of the authors and works to be analyzed should be included. The essay on literature should include the title of the book, the name of the author, and the genre (horror, romance, realistic, sentimental etc.).

The thesis statement in the introduction is preceded with well-written transitional sentences.

The thesis statement is done in an affirmative form; it clearly demonstrates the attitude and idea of the author.

If you wait for inspiration to write, you’re not a writer, you’re a waiter. – Dan Poynter

For instance, in the drama essay, the writer is supposed to choose the themes and develop the thought-provoking ideas which encourage the readers to analyze the literary work and ask questions. Literary analysis cannot be made without relating the storyline or the plot to the key ideas of the literary analysis.

One of the secrets of an efficient literary analysis paper is to get the main idea, try to retell the content, make some citations, and focus on the main points, events or characters. Unnecessary and excessive details can distract the readers and spoil a good essay. It is highly advisable to present the ideas in a clear logical manner.

A literature essay requires using quotes although there should not be too many of them; otherwise, the readers will be confused. The target audience of the essay should understand what events or actions are analyzed. So, a quote should always be preceded with the thorough description of the characters and events. If a quote stands aside the main theme and does not fit smoothly, it decreases the quality of the essay.

The writer should support the personal opinion with clear persuasive arguments which are supposed to affect the readers and make them share the writer’s points of view. All statements and arguments should be supported with the quotations chosen from the literary work and properly referenced. Any kind of literary analysis, including the poetry analysis essay, should appeal to the logic without any emotions. Such writing techniques as referred transitions, paraphrasing, short and long sentences and quotes add to the professionalism of the essay. Proper organization and structure of the essay should be accompanied with right citation style, layout and wording. There should not be any tedious or overlong parts that can bore the readers.

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