Informal Essay

Secrets of Outstanding Informal Essay Writing

The main aim of the informal essay is to entertain and enjoy. It can also have the elements of persuasive and informative papers, but the statement in it will be more relaxed and less formal. It can contain personal opinions, humor, observations and assumptions. The writer should not be misguided with a relaxed representation style; there is still a requirement to have strong but less rigid structure in comparison with that of a more formal essay.

The informal essay definition presents it as a personal paper with subjective opinions. The writer speaks directly to the audience in a simple conversational manner while in the formal paper the writer is present silently. Informal writing means maintaining the sense of the writer’s personality without sloppiness or excessively academic tone.

There are loads of informal essay examples which demonstrate the main principles of writing efficient papers. One of them is the opinion essay created for The Globe and Mail with the target audience of fairly sophisticated readers. The style of the paper is journalistic with conversational tone and short paragraphs suitable for narrow newspaper columns without adherence to formal style. Another characteristic feature of that writing is a clear thesis statement, a number of specific illustrations in the essay body and the manner in which a conclusion is written. The latter presents a generalized concept of what can happen eventually in the future.

You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say – F Scott Fitzgerald

It is advisable to have a look at this example before writing an informal essay as it is written in a perfect style and form. Moreover, it is devoted to a problem that you may encounter while writing the essays. The range of topics for the essays of informal type is extremely wide; you are not limited to any specific themes.

Below you can find some writing prompts for the topics of the essays of informal type. Looking through the list, you can get an idea of how to start writing an effective paper.

  • The Most Exciting Trip in My Life
  • My Religious Views
  • My Ideas of the Perfect Marriage and Wife
  • Reincarnation
  • Things I would Like to Change
  • The Celebrity I Would Like to Meet
  • The Celebrities I Admire
  • The Celebrities Who Give Us Perfect Examples to Follow

If you are well aware of the guidelines for writing an essay of informal type, take into consideration the interests of your potential readers and start writing. Do not forget to demonstrate your attitude and personality through the ideas of your paper

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