How to Save Your Time and Wash Up With Fun

Most people do not like to wash dishes and postpone this work for later. As a result, a person washes the dishes without enthusiasm. However, these methods can help you make the washing-up process easier.

How to spend less time washing dishes


Sometimes, a lot of dishes can be accumulated in your sink, for example, after a big party. At first glance, it seems that it will be very difficult to cope with so many dirty plates, but in fact, you can simplify the task. Divide the work into several stages. You do not need to wash all the dishes at once, take breaks and rest.


If you are going to invite many friends, you must buy disposable dishes. This is a very simple way to get rid of dirty plates. The used bowls, forks, spoons, and glasses should only be wrapped in a disposable tablecloth and thrown into a garbage container. This way your table will be clean again, and you do not have to wash dishes.


Many dishes get dirty during the baking process. The fact is people need to constantly use the measuring containers in order to add the right amount of this or that ingredient. The use of electronic scales will be an excellent alternative. Just add all the products in one bowl, zeroing the scale each time.


People often use more dishes than they need. For example, if you live alone, you can not smudge the plates at all but eat from a pot or frying pan in which food was prepared. Cooking a sandwich for breakfast, you do not need utensils at all. The use of vegetables and fruits instead of plates is the creative solution. However, this method is rather not an economy of dishes but an aesthetic aspect of the design. For example, stuff a peeled sweet pepper with puree from broccoli or cream soup, or cut the orange in half, remove the pulp from it and put ice cream or any other dessert into the “bowls” from the crust.


People accumulate dishes in the sink for only one reason if they delay washing-up. Agree, it is much easier to wash one or two plates than a whole sink of plates. Therefore, rinse the used dish, fork, and cup after each meal. This method will prevent the drying of food residues, and you will save your time and detergent.


Washing greasy baking trays and saucepans cause only negative emotions. In order to avoid unpleasant situations, you just need to soak the contaminated bowls with water and a little detergent. For example, imagine that you cooked many chicken wings for a party. Do not try to clean the burnt fat immediately, fill the dirty baking tray with water and detergent, and in the morning, you will be able to remove all the dirt without much effort.


The dishwasher is a useful thing that can help you save your precious time. However, using this gadget, you should follow certain rules. All utensils should be cleaned of the remnants of food. Add as much detergent as indicated in the instructions.


Do not wash dishes with detergent every time. For example, if you cook eggs in the morning, you can use the frying pan again in the evening; just rinse it with water. You need to wash the dishes only in case of very strong contaminants. For example, it is not necessary to wash the cup every day; you can only rinse it with water.


Of course, not every student can afford to spend a lot of money on a regular meal in a restaurant or cafe. However, you can pamper yourself with lunch or dinner in the cafeteria or bar from time to time. In addition to pleasant emotions from eating tasty food, you will enjoy the fact that you did not have to cook it and wash dirty dishes.


Did you wash the dishes with fun? There is no need to think about how difficult washing-up is. Take it easier. If your mood is good, you will be able to cope with dirty dishes much faster. Turn it into an exciting game. For example, try to establish your personal washing speed record.